April 16, 2015

Running over break

Champ's run went spectacularly!  Couldn't have asked for anything better.  Good weather, fundraising through the roof, people supporting for miles and miles and no long-term injuries.  Yahoo!

(all these run photos taken by our most outstanding friend, V)

Energy levels are high anytime you involve elementary children.  I can't show you their faces in this space, but you can imagine just by observing the joy erupting from the adults' faces!  It was legendary.  I'm so proud of you, Champ!

(I did not make the cake.  Isn't it the coolest?!)

I haven't cleaned up all of the celebratory birthday glitter and balloons just yet as we are still partying; my Boston run comes up in just a few more days!  It's spring break around these parts too, so the laid back celebratory vibe is easy to slip in to.

Gotta go stretch or eat pasta or something.  In the meantime, Happy Spring to all of you!


April 08, 2015

Game on

Today has arrived. Happy Birthday, Champ.  We all can not wait to see you pull this thing through!!!!

XOXO.  I'll be waiting at the finish line,

April 05, 2015

The classic Easter story

The prepping is over, we got the painted eggs and the decorating covered.  Left over carrots from Rudolph's visit are sharing space with basket candy.  Te traditional chocolate bunny has arrived, gifted from afar.  Here's how that Easter story goes:

Let me tell you, this picture story had a surprisingly large amount of similarities compared to the true Easter Story I know by heart.  Happy anticipation, shock at Father, surrender, self sacrifice; it was all there.  And you know in finding God among our retro pink bunny, I was reminded that He is everywhere and that the path Jesus walked must have been really, really hard.  

This morning my pastor will tell a similar tale, sans chocolate.  Down here in the bunkers of parenthood though, I'm glad God chooses to remind me in His own way of the great sacrifice and glory of  Easter.  We find Him in all we do, everywhere- that was my Easter lesson this year.

Happy Happy Easter and Passover and Spring celebrations and just sheer SPRING!!!!!!! to all of you.


March 30, 2015

Snow eggs

Egg Hunts are kind of a riot to begin with: add in a Vermont spring setting and some determined kids and it makes for an... occasion

All the adults shiver giggling while the children plow wildly around with runny chocolate mustaches, winter mittens scooping eggs from the crusty snow.  The "Pluck a Duck" game with arctic-like waters, the jelly beans frozen inside their guessing jar; most of the pens don't want to work anyway.

Champ has years of experience in egg coaching

More children than not were snuggling up to the wandering plush Easter Bunny for sheer need of warmth; it was a morning for many kids to get over their rabbit fears in favor of survival.  In fact it was classic all around, especially when the youngest of ones would plummet seemingly into the center of the earth, red boots kicking and handknit hat flying off, to emerge moments later with a plastic egg and a triumphant- albeit slightly bloody from all that ice- smile.  All holiday celebrations can be somewhat rough at times.  

Each town the US over has it's own version of an Easter Egg Hunt, every single one of them has memorable moments.  The terrible humidity, the fire truck roaring by, waiting to begin until someone gets that darn dog off the field...  you're smiling right now thinking of your own hunt experiences, aren't you?  This particular Vermont year was made for the heartiest of egg seekers; I'm glad my willing boys were able to make the cut. 

This morning more snow- even Huckle isn't sure what to think about it.  I gave him a few jelly beans and told him that it can't last forever.  The lake will thaw and the crocus pop up sooner than later; after all it's almost Easter.

March 24, 2015

This is what my 50mm lens can do

Dear Benefactor,

Thank you for overseeing the process of getting my camera lens back in working order- I've missed it terribly.  To have it back in my hands, well I imagine this is a teeny bit similar to what Pip felt like (on the good days).

Benefactor, did you know that my husband is running and running and running these days to train for his 40 mile run on his 40th birthday?  The boys and I manned his support vehicle this weekend (while he ran 28 miles?  30?  Some ungodly amount.), so I don't have much to blog about, except look!!  Look at the lovely photos my 50mm f/1.8 lens took when I would pause from driving around handing out water bottles and gels, and begin to snap away.

You can hardly see it, but that's Bromley Mountain in the background.  He had passed Stratton Mountain too, but that was in the first hour and a half of his run when the boys and I were still lounging around at home. 

He chased down another mountain vista- Magic Mountain.  Phew, the car had to climb quite a hill in order for us to pass out some gel and take this picture.  Quite a hill.

Eventually he dropped back down into calmer elevations. 
Eventually we all went home.  
Eventually Champ began to feel like this...

(Sorry, this one is from my 85mm lens, but it's cute right?  So I had to add it in.)

but overall it had been a good run for him, and a great camera outing for me.

Thanks again, Benefactor!

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