October 16, 2009

Doctor's recommendation

Bear had his 15 month check-up yesterday and I am happy to report that he continues to be deemed a healthy, happy competent baby. Champ and I are so very blessed!

While at the pediatrician's office, the first thing I wanted to talk about was th

What's that? I haven't mentioned his head injury yet? You had no idea? Oh, well, I um... why don't I tell you now?

Yes, Bear had his first big injury this week which is pretty impressive considering
A. he's a boy

B. he's already been on this Earth for 15 months
C. He somehow managed to miss his skull when
he had his first official injury of his life at 13 months (notice exhibit D entitled "bloody lip")

The day in question began with a previously rough night. Bear kept waking up and crying from his crib, so after 3 or 5 or 9 or however many times we ended getting up Champ and I decided to pull him into bed with us. That helped enough to settle him and get him to sleep for a few hours.

The next morning, Champ and I got up, formed our usual bed of pillows around Bear and tiptoed out the door. When the boy woke, he called out "Mama" as usual and since it sounded a bit urgent, I headed in there quickly so that he wouldn't fall off the bed or something.
You know, I was being safe!

as I opened the door, caught Bear's head with the edge of it and sent him flying off toward my closet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh dear.
Oh yes there was blood and tears and a big 'ol lump forming on his head A.S.A.P.
This was taken 3 days later and it's still not so pretty. Bear was unfazed by the whole thing within 20 minutes, I on the other hand am still dealing with it!!! Injuring my own son!!! Argh!

We watched Bear's pupils all day, gave him Tylenol and applied Arnica gel to the scene of the crime. We didn't call the pediatrician because even though it was awful to us, the injury itself, in Champ's health educator perspective, was not threatening.

So back to my pediatrician question: I asked if I had done the right thing. Should I have called? Was I remiss? The Dr. said we did everything right
except for causing the injury in the first place is what I thought I heard him say
If Bear had lost unconsciousness, cried for a long period of time or had dilated pupils then we needed to call right away and head to the E.R.

How strange that a day where I was lamenting my terrible lack of SAFETY turned into a day where we, on instinct and a bit of knowledge, did exactly what our pediatrician would have recommended. This isn't to say that head injuries aren't something serious or that parents shouldn't call doctors with concerns. Certainly the medical profession knows much more than I do about traumas.

It's just that if there's one thing that I learned through the head bump, it's this: I'm actually a better parent than I give myself credit for. I need to remember this because in the near future Bear will have another injury since:

A. being a boy, he is prone to injuries

B. with age comes injuries

C. he somehow managed to not drive his Mama completely off the deep end with his previous two injuries

Ahh boys, gotta love 'em!


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