October 21, 2009

Hit the trail, Pumpkin seed style

What about all those pumpkin seeds left over from this recipe?

Have no fear: a friend just handed me the newest edition of Martha Stewart Living and Martha's latest "good thing" will become our Good Thing with a little tweaking!


Combine those seeds you saved (1C or more), plus 1/2C almonds with a little oil and a sprinkle or two of salt. Spread on a pan and put in the oven at 375* until golden brown. It took me a little over 10 minutes and I stirred them up halfway through.
When toasted, add 1/2C unsweetened coconut flakes, 1/2C dried cranberries and/or rasins and 1/4C candied ginger cut into little pieces. Stores at room temp. for 2 weeks:
I packaged mine into a canning jar for an easy hostess gift I will need this weekend.

This mix most certainly is a yummy, delicious good thing.


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