October 12, 2009

Veggie Tales

When I was growing up, I'd open up our freezer and a rock hard r
oast would fall out.

If that didn't injure me, then a margarine container full of some so
rt of soup or sauce was most certainly bound to end up crushing my toe, bouncing on the floor and cracking open.

I've had a sort of love/hate relationship with freezers ever since, but nowadays
I love my freezer. It is having a freezer Renaissance of sorts...

We are members of a C.S.A. which means we get all o
ur produce from a local farm. C.S.A. stands for Community Sponsored Agriculture: we pay a membership up front and then we reap the harvest as the crops flourish.
Sometimes I can't even get the produce put away before it's eaten. That's a beet in his mouth, folks. Apparently Bear likes beets.  And no, even though the photo looks like a choking hazard- how weird!, I promise you, it was only a small bite he took.

So you mean T.J. gets fresh, organic produce at a great price a
nd becomes a part of the local movement by supporting her neighborhood farm?

YOU BETCHA! This by the way is a brussel sprout stalk that's been debrussel

Are you curious about j
oining a farm? See if there's a C.S.A. in your neck of the woods.

With one more week to go this seas
on, my shelves are filled with canned tomatoes and pickles. Potatoes, squash, beets and carrots are spilling out of the storage area, garlic and onions are hung to the rafters and there is enough frozen produce in my freezer to feed an army, or at least my family for the months ahead.

As Winter bears down and Spring eventually returns, my freezer
goes through it's seasons, too. Right now it is full to the brim looking for toes to crush. Come March, it will be a rather lean machine which will mean my next CSA season is right around the corner and the cycle will begin again.


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