November 20, 2009

I blueberry

Ok, so blueberries are not currently in season, but so what?  I needed a pick-me-up and blueberries were just the ticket.  I'm realizing as I keep popping them into my mouth that I should share how I am enjoying such yummy, deliciously local berries in late Fall.  In New England.  I mean, isn't it cranberry season or something??!!!

We have a local blueberry orchard just minutes from our home and Bear and I spend many a summer day there picking to our heart's content.  We fill our buckets to brimming and haul our blue gems home.  

Eventually we, well... we get a tummy ache from eating all those delicious berries and I remind myself to freeze some for the many desserts, jellies and smoothies yet to come.

I spread our blueberry bounty over a few towels on the dinning room table and let them hang out over night.  The next morning, I pick out any bad ones I might have over looked, packed the rest into Ziplock bags and toss 'em in the freezer.  That's it.  Easy as blueberry pie and the most rewarding treat to pull out in the middle of winter (or almost winter like it is today.)

I blueberry.  Do you?


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