November 09, 2009

busy beaver

It is Fall here in New England and our little lake (well actually it's considered a pond, but to us a 2 acre kayak accessible watering hole is a LAKE) is ablaze in color.

I just love this time of year and not even because my birthday is near! The smell of wood fire in the air, cozy stews cooking on the stove and
have you seen the colors on those trees???!!!!!!!!

An interesting occurrence we discovered this particular autumn, involves our resident beavers.

Yes, we have a small family of beaver that live on our lake and we enjoy watching them go about their daily chores. I tend to feel pr
etty lazy as I observe these whiskered mammals zip about the water, moving hunks of trees this way and that. Climbing up onto their lodge they regularly pat the mud down with their tail. They even take the time each day to (what I can only describe as) have a bit of a social swim. Champ and I find them quite entertaining and we happily share our land with them, especially as they were here long before we moved in.

Previously, we've only shared our backyard with them, but lately it seems they like the digs of the side yard, the front yard and the
driveway. Take this picture for example...

we just discovered these stumps yesterday morning after church. It wouldn't have been strange except that these birch were only feet away from our composting area which is barely removed from our house. Strange.

Normally, the beaver might take a tree or two off our lot, but they are usually much closer to the water. We certainly have no shortage of trees here and it is easy to protect the rest of them by wrapping the larger ones with chicken wire, but the question remains...

why the obsessive tree hauling this year?

I guess we won't really know until the days further pass, but Champ and I have a pretty good hunch about the whole thing and it involves snow, snow and more snow!!!

Animals are pretty wise and wary creatures: if the beaver are living up to their busy reputation, then Champ and I will step up our winterizing efforts, too. Otherwise, we'd hate to have to go knock on their lodge door this winter asking for
some food only to hear
"you should have been prepared!"


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