November 18, 2009

Michigan On My Mind

The most amazing Mckmama just posted some storyboard photography tips over on her blog and OF COURSE I just had to try them.

Keeping in mind that my camera is a point & shoot.

Remembering that I use Picnik not Photo Shop.

but hey, I say tomato you say tomahto right??!!  Right.  So just do me a favor and gasp at the photo layout for this post.

Remember this furry friend who traveled home from Michigan with us a few weeks ago

After a brief stay here in our wooded hamlet and a few bowls of milk, Alex the cat was happily on his way to the New Hampshire seaside and his new forever home with very loving friends of ours.  A happy ending all around I must say.

While the cat may have been the highlight of our Michigan trip (for Bear at least) there is oh so much more Michigan on my mind.

For starters it was the first huge family trip we've take since Bear was born and he certainly helped to liven things up.

Bear saw his first building implosion.  Champ drove.  I knit.  With coffee stirrers. While I had packed every possible thing that Bear could need, I forgot my finishing needles.  Eagle Scout Champ came up with the stirrer innovation.  Brilliant I say!  Peace and quiet he would say.

This sweet little thing was waiting for us to arrive.  She shared her food with Bear

and she shared her shoes

Her Daddy took us on a tour of his alma mater

We stopped to pose for a family portrait

 and to play in the Children's Museum


but eventually we had to say goodbye to that most adorable little girl and her family

and head back North


Keeping Michigan on my mind and Lake Michigan in the rearview.


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