November 03, 2009

Stains be gone

The Power of Oxi Clean...

I've heard that slogan a bunch and I know others who swear by the stuff, but up until lately I was pretty much against buying it.

I like the little rhythm I have going on down in my laundry room:

use a few drops of Dr. Bronner's castile soap, toss in some baking soda or Borax for kicks and if I'm feeling jumpy, do a vinegar rinse. Add in some Arm'n'Hammer "Free" if I am washing Bear's diapers. I like my system because it is easy, cheap and kind to the environment


I needed a better system for stains. Make that, I needed a better system for the stains Bear and Champ create on their clothes. Typically, I set aside the worst offenders until my Mom comes to visit because she is a stain fighting queen. THANKS MOM!

But really! I figured it was about time I came up with a new game plan, so following Toni's advice over at The Happy Housewife and the fact that it was on sale this week at Rite Aide, I decided to give Oxi Clean a test run.

I picked out some of our grimiest whites to be models and began! A disclaimer here: I did not edit
any of the following pictures even though it was hard not to and I used my point and shoot digital camera which doesn't make for the clearest shots, but you'll still get the idea.

Next, I filled up a bucket with warm water and followed the directions on the back of Oxi-Clean by adding 2 scoops into the water and allowing it to dissolve. Finally, I added all the clothes I could fit in to the bucket.

Then the wait began. I let the clothes soak for a day and a half and occasionally because I was so darn curious, I'd pull some out to check progress and stir the clothes around a bit.

Um, you probably can skip that part but it did make my rings nice and shiny, see?

When it came time to wash, I tossed the clothes into the washer without rinsing them off, added a little Arm'n'Hammer to the load, washed on Hot Cycle and hung to dry.

The results?

I was very impressed with how clean and white the clothes got. I am now a believer and have added Oxi Clean into my monthly cycle of rounding up and attacking all the stains in our house!


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