November 02, 2009

The Cat Whisperer

We are back from our super fun trip to Michigan. We had an amazing time with our dear friends and it was bittersweet to have to leave them. Eventually we did shove off though and somehow our numbers increased during the trip home...

Hmmm? Oh that? Yes, yes, you are correct: my blog profile
doesn't mention a cat because we do not have a cat.

It's a long story!

Let me just say that while we still don't have a cat, Bear had a very entertaining buddy for the long ride home.

Moving right along...

Once we were back home, it was time to assess where Bear was at with his sleeping arrangements. Up until now, as an infant we co-slept with Bear and he eventually transitioned to a crib. He uses a pack'n'play when we travel, but during this last round he just seemed uncomfortable and unable to get sound sleep. So, I checked my resources and decided it was time to transition him to a toddler bed of sorts.

For most, this would seem early; however, according to Montessori, he should have been sleeping in a bed like this from the start. I fall somewhere in between and so this weekend was as good as any!

The boys deconstructed the crib frame and the very talented Champ reconfigured it to be not so much a toddler bed as a "Bear size bed". This will be handy, because as he grows, the bed can raise with him.

Bear practiced getting in and out of his new bed and eventually...

he deemed it a pretty cool place to sleep

and he meant it.


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