December 10, 2009

Apple Art

Let's start off with this

turns out, Bear is the artist behind this edible work of art.  He decided to eat his snack in a very particular way and I have been smiling ever since discovering his creation.

I love these kind of smiling days.  A day where squirrels and birds greet you upon waking and you leap out of bed with a spring in your step.  A day where I can handle the fact that Champ has a new job and a morning where I hear my AmeriCorps issue has been straightened out.  It's a day to celebrate my upbeat feelings and praise the Lord for His goodness and His most amazing attention to the details in my life.

If you are having a rough go of it today, take another look at that apple and wipe the frown off your face.  Seriously, how can you look at that tooth-carved fruit and not laugh?

Last week I was sad, depressed, feeling hopeless.  I was in a pretty icky place and now I'm here.  

Quite jovial

It is amazing what a difference some heartfelt prayer and a few days can make. 

My simple wish for you today is that you are feeling the same way I am.  That you have contemplated that apple grin and you are realizing all the blessings in your life.  May you give thanks to God for what you have.  I hope you use everything within you to focus on the positive today.  May you channel any negative vibes that they may strengthen your character and buck up your chin.

Do not belittle yourself.  You are entitled to whatever concern you may be having: we are only human.  It's simply how we handle our issues and Who we allow to help us handle them that counts.  God is waiting... 
and if after all of this, you still need a little pick-me-up
feast your eyes on this...

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