December 15, 2009

The coffee pot is empty

Wow, the pot of coffee is empty- have you been exploring this blog since I gave you the tour yesterday? Well now, I am impressed.  Way to go, you awesome reader, you!

Let me brew up another pot for us while you make room in that chair for me.   

Scutch over some please... 
a little more...
ahhh, perfect.

Well, since I have you here let's chat about how to subscribe to my blog.

Direct your caffeinated eyes over to the right of this blog.  Look for  

underneath it are all the ways you can stay in touch with ANY GIVEN MOMENT.  

Under the coffee cup picture is a way to subscribe to this blog through e-mail.  If you enter your e-mail address and click on the subscribe button you will automatically get my latest posts sent to your inbox.   This is a great subscription tool especially for those of you new to blog reading.

Click on the piece of toast and you will be able to subscribe to my RSS feed through a reader of your choice.  Same deal: every time the blog is updated with a new post, your reader will be updated.  RSS is one of those things that you either love or know nothing about.  

Until recently I was in the know nothing about it group.  Then I smartened up about it here and here.  Now I'm all aboard the RSS wagon. 

well, kinda...

I still get e-mail updates from some blogs (as well as their RSS feeds) and I still like to visit the actual blog whenever my reader shows that a new post has been added.  The nice thing though, is that it's easy to do just that.  I click on over to the blog through my reader and then I can view the post, admire the blog layout and comment to my heart's content.  Love it.

Click on the final icon in this box, the book, and a contact form will appear.  Use it to e-mail me about anything you wish.  Once you hit "send" you little message will arrive in my e-mail inbox.  Now how cool is that?  When you are done, click on the "x" up in the right hand corner.  The form will close and you will be directed back to "Any Given Moment".   

In the second turquoise box is Google's "friend connect" follower widget and it looks a little like this


once again, I had no idea what this was all about so I learned about it here and hereIt's kind of like a little social party for "Any Given Moment" going on right there, on the sidebar.  

Click the follow button and you will come to a page that sets you up to follow this blog.  You can choose to follow it publicly and add your own little picture to show the world that you are a fan of "Any Given Moment" or you can choose to follow privately without a picture, but no less a fan!  If you have a Google account (g-mail, blogger etc) it is a teeny bit easier to sign up as your info is already on record, BUT no matter where you are coming from - even Facebook-this tool is simple to master and the social networking it provides is pretty cool.

Just imagine...  wherever you go in this big blogsphere, you will be able to carry "Any Given Moment" right along with you.  Think of all the people who will thank you for bringing this amazing blog gift to them!

or something like that.  When I don't fully understand reality, I just develop my own daydream around it. 

Any questions, class?

do I need to follow you in more than one way?
while I would be flattered by that, no, you don't

can I bookmark Any Given Moment and visit the blog that way?
yes.  In fact, if you bookmark the blog you'll be able to see the cool bluebird favicon I made.

I just want to type in your blog URL if I want to visit.
Sure.  Just be aware that until my blog is ranked (and ranked well at that) you probably won't be able to find "Any Given Moment" using search engines.

Will anyone else see what I e-mail you?
Nope.  It's just like sending a normal e-mail. 

If I sign up using any of these methods am I committed to it for life?
yes there is no way out, sucker no problem, you will be able to unsubscribe with a click of a button.

Tomorrow we will explore the wonderful world of commenting.  See ya then!


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Hi Tj, I enjoyed this post!

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