December 14, 2009

I don't bite...

so come on in and have a look aroundBlog reading is fun, see...

and these next few posts are gonna prove it to ya.

As my "official" blog launch date -Christmas (yippee!)- draws closer, it seems only right to put in a few how-to posts for those of us who are a little more bloggy challenged than others.

First of, congratulations dear blog reader.  If you are here reading this, then you found my site so hip hip hooray! 

Maybe your thinking "great, I'm here, now what?" well, let me give you a look around.

At the very tipy top of this blog, you will notice this.  It's called a header.  What's that you say?  Why that particular design?  Well I'm so glad you asked.  Those pictures represent my life.  Just as some birds collect interesting and beautiful things for their nest; at any given moment, I'm collecting interesting bits of my life to blog about. 

Over to the right is the sidebar.  Pull up that chair there and have a seat.  Could I offer you some coffee?  toast?  Do you want to read a little?  Once you feel relaxed, this is the section where you can become my bff subscribe to my blog.

Further down the sidebar is the "about" section where you can meet Champ, Bear, Sterling, Trot and little ol' me.

below that is "labels".  Click on any of those words and it will bring you to all my posts included under that subject.

next up is "archives" and this is pretty much self explanatory.  It is where all my previous posts are archived by month/year. I dare you to read them all.

on other blogs, this area might be labeled "blog roll".  These are all the blogs that I read and adore.  Click on any of the links to be magically transported.

This blog wouldn't be readable, much less beautiful without the help of these amazingly talented people!  I also place ads here because pennies can add up.

Now click all the way down to the bottom of my blog until you see this.  You are in the "footer" section.  A bunch of my blog data is kept here, some fun surprises and a reminder to tour around older posts.

   The last round of introductions is for the post section.  The space you are in right now, reading these words. 

There you have it-a quick tour of the place.  Tomorrow I will give you move details on how to subscribe, but in the meantime, stay in that chair as long as you wantCan I get you any coffee?  How about some buttered toast?


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