December 09, 2009

Montessori Moments: toilet training Part 3

Do you have a potty mouth? 'Cuz Bear sure does.

When we started this whole toilet training thing, Champ and I were on the same page about the vocabulary to use.  Champ wanted the proper verbiage as any self respecting health/p.e. educator would and the Montessori method encourages proper vocabulary, so we went with it.

Bear got introduced to all of them: urine, penis, bowel movement, toilet, bathroom... you get the idea.  We got a little stuck with bowel movement because what do we teach him to call the end result?  Feces?  Come on!!!!!  We decided on poop since adults might call it that, too (are you finding this an entertaining post yet?).

Things went along swimmingly.  Bear took to his toilet training and eventually moved in to wearing only underwear at home during the day and on short trips.  Well, that and pants and tee shirts and the occasional shoe or two. 

This is all well and good, but if we were to complain, the issue would be this: 

his favorite word to come out of it is "bowel". 

He says it when he farts.  He says it when he is headed to his toilet.  He says it when he urinates.  He correctly says it when he has a bowel movement, but then he calls his poop "bowel".  He even calls his urine "bowel".  Hmmmm?  Of course it's the kind of word that just resonates when you say it.  It couldn't have been a graceful little word that just fades away from his lips.

At first we were perplexed by the issue since we thought we were clearly labeling everything for him.  However, we have moved on and now gently remind him of the proper vocabulary whenever he inserts "bowel" into his conversation.  He is a sight to hear and while I wish you all could have an opportunity to encounter him bellowing "BOWEL", I'm glad that this too is a phase that seems to finally be beginning to pass.

Ok, maybe "pass" wasn't the best word to end this topic with

We love that Bear has taken ownership over his toileting skills even if a child shouting "bowel" in the grocery store does get some mighty strange looks. 


Amy said...

TJ-thanks for the comment on my blog

I just read you toilet training posts and may take a look at the book you mentioned. My older son is 2 and my twins are 14 months. I would love to start training my older son and maybe even start getting the twins used to the potty.

It does sound as if we are very similar in our beliefs.

Thanks again for the comments!


Jess said...

LOL! :)

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