December 07, 2009

Montessori Moments: toilet training

You know, when you have a kid, you daydream about all those milestone moments: first haircut, first words, crawling, walking, eating and yes  toilet training.  The most bizarre thing about it though, is that those daydreams are


like what actually goes down when all is said and done.

Not that this is a bad thing.  Maybe your daydream is just a little off because you remember when you had one child and now you have like, 4.  Maybe, you anticipated a moment to be much more stressful than it actually turned out to be.  Maybe you just completely missed the whole moment, the one that you had been dreaming about since your child was born and it's simply over; like when a whole slew of teeth come in, seemingly overnight.

Or maybe, your decisions regarding these milestone moments change as you read up on the subject and observe others going through it in real time.

Take for example, Bear's toilet training.  I had never really thought much about it.  We were just going to follow modern day conventional wisdom and go with the flow (pun totally intended).  It seemed to work well for others so why not?

Well, as with many of the things we thought we'd be doing with Bear, that thought flew out the window as soon as I checked out what Ms. Montessori had to say about this whole toilet training thing.

So, so so so.  What I set out to tell you here, isn't conventional toilet training because we didn't do that.  It isn't even really unconventional toilet training because there are a lot of resources which describe their methods as very similar to what we've done with Bear. 

I suppose the difference is, that we followed a suggested Montessori Method for the majority of Bear's training.  Then, when a particular inspiration came, we just went with the milestone moment.  We were able to savor the learning process together without putting any kind of expectations  on it.  

Why?  I wish I could say it was because Champ and I were confident and relaxed; amazing first time parents, but probably because nowhere else could I find information outlining exactly what it was we were doing with Bear.  Poor boy, eh?

Anyway, this post, and the few to follow will lay it all out there for you.  Whether you chose to follow any of it with your own child, well...
fare thee well my friend, fare the well
because no matter what method you use, toilet training is certainly one of those milestone moments.

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