December 22, 2009

Montessori Moment: A glass half full


May your day be going splendidly. I hope that you are just lounging around, filling up your coffee mug ready to devote at least a half hour to exploring this blog.

That's my hope, anyway.  Whether or not it's true...

so back to the filling up of your coffee mug.  Have you ever really thought about when you learned to pour drinks?  No?  Well me neither, but I do know that Bear learned at 17 months because we've been having to clean up a lot less spills lately.

Transferring and pouring are an important part of practical life and therefore an important component of Montessori education.  What better way to practice than with pouring cups of water?  I introduced Bear to water at about 6mos using a shot glass and modeling how to fill it with water. 

A few months later, he began to show an interest in pouring, so I'd put only a drop or two of water in his small pitcher and then let him practice pouring it into his cup.  As he became accustomed to the feel of it, I'd add more and more water into it each time until he was actually pouring himself a glass.

I would also model how to clean up any spills as part of the learning process.  Bear and I continue to practice transferring with water, rice, beans and even dog food and I am beginning to fill his meal pitcher with more liquid than he needs so that he will learn to stop pouring.

With the way things are going, maybe in a few weeks time, Bear will be the one refilling my coffee while I relax and read my blog.

I just discovered a great Montessori shop here.
I finished my Christmas shopping there and I've gotten rave reviews from my small friends who received the gifts I had sent! 


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I've never sat down and thought about the fact that pouring is a skill that is kind of pivotal.

Also? I saw your cookies up there, and now I have to rummage around my kitchen and grab a couple, so thanks for that! :)

T.J. said...

see, that's where the pouring skills come in: now you can have a glass of milk with those cookies!

Shell said...

I never thought about starting them that young. Sometimes I barely trust my 5 year old to do it!

Katelyn said...

Great job on the pouring! I loved my pouring series. I also used dry material...beans, rice, etc...

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