December 29, 2009

Roastest with the mostest

My crockpot (new crockpot, that is- thanks Mom and Dad!) works non stop over the holidays.  Your slow cooker isn't part of a labor union either, which is grand because it means you could make this roast for New Years and not even have to pay it overtime.  You might have to provide some sauerkraut though.

Roastest with the Mostest

a pot roast (bone in or boneless) 3-4lbs
1 jar Concord grape jelly (homemade or not)
1/2C orange juice
1t dry mustard
4T worstershire sauce
dash of ground cloves

Place roast in crock pot.  Whisk up all the ingredients to form a marinade and pour over the pork.  At this point you could refrigerate it overnight to get the flavor really cranking.  When ready to cook, set the crock pot to low and ignore it for 6-8 hours.  There's no harm in keeping the meat in a little longer since it has some liquid in there: I kept mine in for 10 hours and when I got home from work, the roast was perfect!   

If you are so inclined, you could make a gravy using the dripping in your crockpot, a pat of butter and a few spoonfuls of cornstarch or arrowroot powder.  Heat and whisk until thickened.


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