December 03, 2009


just read this quote in a book my mother-in-law gave me and found it so fitting.  Champ and I are "building barns", I like the sound of that :) 

"It will not always be summer: 
build barns."   - Hesiod

Our lake is starting to freeze over and images like this

are long gone.  I consider myself lucky to live in a place where the seasons are so distinctly different.  Each one carries it's own share of natural beauty and emotional framework.

I am sad to see Fall go, but as our lake freezes and now images like this

begin to greet me in the mornings, I am gearing up to embrace winter and all the snowy, ice skating, skiing and hot chocolate drinking it brings.  Except...

I can't totally embrace all the changes of this season.  At least not just yet.  The thing is, Champ and I are putting ourselves on the fast track to pay off our remaining debt and to ensure that our nest egg grows at an ostrich size, rather than hummingbird size rate.  Part of this is necessity.  Because of the recession, jobs we had planned on having were cut from budgets and morphed into something else.  My Ameri Corps/VISTA ed. award we had planned on using, is being delayed.  My teeth are practically falling out of my mouth and we have no dental insurance.  I could go on, but I won't.  I think you get the picture as many of us are in the same boat this year. 

Champ and I could sit around and curse the powers that be.  But we won't.  We refuse to take that route because it would reflect a disbelief in God.  It would question His intentions even though we know He has a plan for us.  Even though we have always made it through challenging times by relying on God's strength. 

And so, I know I have to accept it all and put this season of our life to good use.  We will continue to believe because that's the one thing that is unfaltering no matter if it's Spring Summer Fall or Winter.
And anyway, some of the change is rather exciting.

Like how I somehow managed to land an amazing job at our local TV studio.  Bear gets to come to work with me and I get to be the hostess of a great community show.  Cool stuff!

Slightly harder to swallow is Champ's new job working for a local ski resort on weekends and holidays.  Yes, Christmas, New Year's, MLK...  Hard huh?  But no different than the sacrifices that many of you are also making.
God is here too though.

Just when I thought I had bawled my eyes out that Champ wouldn't be joining us for church, we discovered a chapel on the mountain that has a Mass right when Champ would be finishing work each weekend.  God is good.

There is so much to be grateful for.  Champ is passionate about his job as an Elementary Phys. Ed. teacher and we both work at a local non-profit that serves the youth of our community.  We have a healthy son, a roof over our heads, plenty to eat, good friends and family and enough love and faith to see us through. 

There is so much to be grateful for.

I suppose I needed to be a few days out from the most thankful time of the year to truly see my life for what it is and to embrace the change at hand.


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