December 04, 2009

Sterling and Trot

By now you know Bear.  You've been introduced to Champ and well, by golly, I hope you feel like you know me.

The only members of our family whom you haven't met are

Sterling and Trot

and so without further ado, I present our pitbulls, Sterling Moss and Trot Nixon...

I rescued Sterling when I was in college.  She was only 6 months old and had already come from a tough life; living neglected in a house that raised pitbulls for the fighting circuit.

I named her "Sterling Moss" after the British race car driver. His car was what Mazda based it's Miata design on.  She's been a college track team mascot, Show and Tell in a fourth grade classroom and my best friend who's traveled everywhere with me and knows everything about me because of it.

Her personality is layered.  I love her for her many moods of neediness, independence, tenderness, stubbornness and a wisdom beyond her 14  years.

Trot, on the other hand, never holds grudges, doesn't need his own space and practically cries if he is scolded for something.  He equally loves Bear and chasing baseballs and has even mastered making the same expressions as Bear. 

Champ and I rescued Trot when he was 1 year old from someone who had bought him for all the wrong reasons.  He spent consecutive days in a cage, had been forced to go without food and was treated aggressively for much of his puppyhood.  Through it all, Trot remained upbeat.

We named him "Trot Nixon" after a previous Red Sox player.  He is the definition of dog.  A playmate and guardian who's only requests are  playtime outside and snuggles at night.  When these needs are met, he practically smiles.

Yes, Pit Bulls are not for everyone.  I had 7 years experience in dog handling before I even approached the Humane Society for Sterling.  It served me well in getting to know the breed.  On the flip side though, a dog should not be overlooked as a potential pet just because it carries a stigma in it's name.

Life really wouldn't be the same without Sterling and Trot and they are amazing advocates for the breed.  Our dogs are our family as much as Bear is and they have shared stock in our hearts.   

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