December 01, 2009

When life hands you grapes...

You know, these days I'm actually enjoying the challenge of finding gifts for next to nothing and am embracing my Compact spirit.  Take for example this past week.  For his birthday we gave my Dad  

a knitted hat, a birdhouse and a jar of grape jelly

Oh wow you're thinking.  What a lucky father.  
Let me tell you something smarty pants, that homemade jelly is most delicious if I do say so myself.  And anyway, I wouldn't necessarily had given you those gifts if it had been your birthday.  Just like conventional shopping, I can gear Compact gift giving to the individual.

We thought creatively about Dad's potential presents.  In the end, Champ and I came up with some great ideas:

Concord grape jelly made from the grapes I harvested from my parent's house when I was last home.  My Dad's favorite and one that he's not had in a loooooong time.

A knitted hat made by yours truly to keep my father's noggin warm on his evening walks and

A peekaboo birdhouse constructed by Champ and Bear to provide our avid birdhouse lover with an insider's view of a bird's... house.  Made with love

and a little elbow grease.

It's true, 
a Compact gift box will not contain the latest clothing trend, diamonds, a WII or a dream vacation.

What will it contain?  Thoughtfulness, creativity and attention to detail.  Hmmm.  Not too bad a trade off 

and a darn good example to be teaching Bear.


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