December 18, 2009

Will blog for comments

As promised, I'm winding down the week with a final tutorial for all my new blog readers out there.

The long and short of commenting on blogs is this:
the most awesomest thing you could do for a blogger is to comment on their blog - like a gazillion times!

The thing is though, that most of us are terrified to leave a comment, or at least terrified to leave our very first comment.  

Enough's enough.

Lets get this whole commenting thing straightened out because leaving comments is actually quite fun.  It also makes me happy and I know you don't want me to be an unhappy blogger, now do you?

First, a tutorial on how to leave a comment on this blog.  When you scroll down to the bottom of any of my posts, you will see some text that says 

save to /Digg this!/ Share on Facebook/ Stumble it

 if you are a part of any of those social networks, then by all means, go ahead and click on them (but you'd better come back later and comment, or else!), but for the rest of us, look directly underneath them for

and it's true, you should do exactly that.  Because it's fun and it doesn't even hurt.  Here's how:

click on the bird icon.  It will take you to a little form where you can type in your own comment or just enjoy reading others comments.  Underneath the text box are the words "comment as".  To comment, click on the scroll tab and you can decide if you'd like to use an existing account of yours, like Google.  If you find that complicated or don't have a gmail account, you could use the "name/URL".  Just type in your name, add a URL if you'd like and then post your comment.  It will appear on the screen as "(your name) said..." and then your comment.   

Easy. Peasy. 

so hop to it and leave me a comment some time. Please, I'm begging you. 

Have a great weekend everybody and ignore this:


Lady Jennie said...

Hi - why are your recent posts not accepting comments? I actually did a search on your blog to see if you had decided against them or something.

(This is Miss Welcome, by the way, who wrote Perfect Welcome and Battle for Faith. I've moved blogs to

george said...

It is always a pleasure to come and see new comment on your page, right? I find it delightful also to make comments myself, since i can share other people's feelings. Thank you for your friendly atmosphere here!

Dora Gabriel said...

Its nice to read some post about this nodaways. Its meaningful and somehow sharing this to readers like me, makes me want to surf the web to be able to get more wonderful ideas. Thank you for posting this.

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