January 06, 2010

A Canker Sore and Tip Elephant, perfect together

I relish trying new things, experimenting with new ways of doing something, or trying to solve a problem by taking a non conventional approach.

Sometimes my attempts are amazing, sometimes they backfire big time!

I figure, the attempts that do make it beyond the drawing board, I should share with you.  Maybe you could use the idea too.  At the very least, it could hopefully save you from the ultimate disasters that I occasionally experience...

Recently I went to the dentist and for the first time ever came home with a new crown and a raging canker sore in the back of my mouth.

Seriously, I couldn't even sleep it bugged me so bad.  No kidding.

Oral gels never worked for me, so I searched for something I could concoct at home to make the pain stop.  Please, just stop!

I found an  idea in "Alternative Cures" by Bill Gottlieb and tweaked it: 

Canker sore cure
hydrogen peroxide 
clove oil 
arnica gel
vitamins with zinc

step 1: put a capful of hydrogen peroxide into a shot glass size amount of warm water.  Swish it around in your mouth near where the sore is.  Spit out the solution. 

step 2: put a few drops of clove oil onto a q-tip and gently dab on the sore.  Add more until the pain has subsided.

step 3: rub in a little Arnica gel on your face parallel to where the canker sore is 

step 4: up your vitamin intake each day to include 15mg zinc 

*repeat steps 1-3 as needed 

If holistic medicine makes you uncomfortable, get over it because within hours my canker sore was relieved and within a day it was on it's way to healing. Ahhhhh!

Check out this site called Gift Elepant for a way to organize your gift giving.

It's free to sign up and I found it easy to use.  Gift Elephant can keep track of gifts you've given and gifts you've received.  It can also keep records of all your potential gift giving dates in the future.

Other features are the ability to order any type of card there as well as design, address and mail postcards for $1.50 a pop.  Pretty neat.

With any great idea should come a great name, right?  So far I can't get "Tip of the moment" out of my head.  I know, not that catchy. 

Do you have any brilliant, witty names for me to call this type of post?  Do tell!  E-mail or leave a comment otherwise, you will all have to suffer the consequences of my uninspiring post name.


Cherry said...

I will have to remember this! I get awful canker sores. Thanks for the tip.
I struggle with my titles too, maybe we should just go back to "January 3rd, 2010...Dear Diary,"!

T.J. said...

So true! My Diary never cared what I titled the day- just so long as I wrote a secret or two down :)

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