January 15, 2010

Fork, Spoon, Knife

Since today's post is about Montessori and not photography, I showed much restraint and did not edit a single picture short of rotating one and cropping another.

Thought you should know I feel better having stated my disclaimer.

Now that Bear is at a table for most meals, it was about time he learned how to set it.  Montessori would say it helps with building his sense of order and respect for his surroundings.  T.J. says it saves her a bit of time each day and keeps Bear out of the kitchen while she is preparing his meal because for some reason, his interest and good behavior in cooking goes out the window when he is hungry.  

Hmmmm, does he take after his mother?

I keep a basket in the dining room with Bear's plate, cup, placemat, napkin and cutlery in it.  He has learned to carry it over to his table

Where he unfolds his placemat

and uses it as a clue for where to put all the objects in the basket.

I drew simple outlines on some muslin and showed Bear how to properly place his cup, plate, cutlery and napkin.  Although we set the napkin to the side right now so that he can remember where to put the fork.

We've been doing it about two weeks right now and he seems to be approaching mastery.  I'm thrilled as I will be able to hand over the task of setting our entire dining room table to him soon.

After the meal is over, we have a little wash tub that he uses to clean up.  He brings it to the table

and I give him a small pitcher of water.

He pours it into the bowl, adds a little soap and then

goes to town cleaning his little heart out.

In the meantime, I get the joy of washing the dishes from the meal.  I'll wait patiently though, because Oh my do I ever have plans for this boy.

I am leaving today for a little get away to New Hampshire with J . She promised me some lighthouse visits, a girl's ice hockey game and yummy food.  How could I say no?!

Have a great MLK weekend and I'll chat with you all when I return!


Darlene said...

It looks and sounds like he is doing a fabulous job! Too CUTE! Hope you enjoy your getaway and have fun!♥

Cherry said...

Awesome! I am so horrible at teaching my kids stuff like this. What a great idea, I think I'll start doing that :).

Pam said...

Love it! I am a devoted follower of the Montessori philosophy, how wonderful that you are giving your son opportunities to learn using those methods.

Curried Cupcakes said...

WOW That little boy is so cute! I love how you give him his own bowl to wash with, very clever. I may have to copy this.

laney said...

I am so impressed that your son is setting the table by himself. I couldn't imagine my 2 year old doing that. Way to go Bear!

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