January 05, 2010

Net for catching (holi)days

So now that we are settled back into the swing of things, I had a few moments to go over our pictures from the holidays.  Thought I'd share some with you...

Ya know, because you aren't so over the whole holiday thing for Heaven's sake.

While still here in the Green Mountains, Bear and I (along with S) met our wonderful friends D and A for lunch.  They were in town from Chicago and it was so beyond wonderful to catch up with them!  We went to Christmas Eve Mass with our friend AM and then spent most of Christmas with Uncle B and Auntie S.

Once in Pennsylvania, Champ, Bear, the dogs and I celebrated Christmas with our friends and family.  Bear was especially excited to see his cousins E and A. 

Bear did a few photo ops with his great grandparents...


and continued celebrating Christmas into the following day.  He was very pleased to meet his Great Aunt W's cat, Caesar and I was especially delighted to have a surprise visit from my dear, dear friend, C.  She lives in Hawaii, not the closest state, so every moment we had together that night was a blessing!  She was enamored with meeting Bear for the first time, as any true friend should be.  Right?!

So glad I got to see you C!!!!! 


The beginning of our visit was a little female heavy, so we balanced Bear out by also visiting with his cousin J (in green with the best expression ever) and his cousins G and P *

Bear doled out some kisses...

 and then it was time to head back to our wooded hamlet where we were greeted by a winter storm heaping inches upon inches of snow in our direction.

 The type of New Year's snow perfectly suited for going on a hike with friends.

*ok, so they're not actually cousins, but from here on out, they will be referred to as such!


Darlene said...

All of those are fabulous pictures and what memories you are making for Bear! He is just adorable! That snow looks really deep and it is beautiful. I wish we would get more. Our weather is supposed to get REALLY cold the next few days.

Hope you are having a great day!!♥

Shell said...

Aw, I love all your pics!

Pam said...

Thanks for sharing! I am missing the Vermont woods BIG time! Have fun!

Miss Nanny said...

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Mrs. Bird said...

Looks like great fun! Thanks for sharing :)

Allison said...

It was GREAT fun and LONG overdue!! :)

T.J. said...

I agree, Allison! Miss ya :(

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