January 25, 2010

Not Me Monday- bread, bats and pillows, OH JOY!

Welcome to Not Me Monday a blog carnival sponsored by Mckmama.  Come join in and tell us all the things you haven't done this week.

As for me, I most certainly did not find this scene


when I went to check on my bread dough.  I did not leave the bowl to rise in a spot where Bear could find it and carry it to the floor.  I am also certain that I absolutely, positively did not confuse Bear so that he felt "dough" could mean "snow" thereby implying the need for snow removal vehicles.

Furthermore, there is no way I discovered my son using his place setting, the one's that he sets his own table with, in a most inappropriate way.

Nope.  No way.  I must have been imagining things because that could not possibly be dog food in his bowl!  My child would never eat dog food by the spoonful. 

That furry thing?  It is not a bat.  And if it were, it would be out of the question to think that the bat might be angry, scared stiff and possibly rabid.  These kinds of bats do not exist, especially not in J and T's house.

Bear likes to sleep, there's no question about that,

but the very idea of Bear sleeping with a pillow over his head is absurd.  He is a regular, normal 18mo old who never, ever hauls pillows over his head no matter how many times his parents protest, or remove the fluffy offender while he sleeps.  

What haven't you done this week? 


Emmy said...

Oh my gosh how did you get that bat out?? I would have been freaking out.

My little sister used to sit by the dog and her food bowl, she would give a bite to the dog and then a bite to herself. :)

Kasie said...

Ok, so I did NOT get so into reading this blog that I didn't notice that Livi's arms underwent spontaneous growth and were instantly long enough to reach the beaded trim on the ottoman. And I also did NOT exist in such oblivion that I failed to notice that she had skillfully yanked off a handful and shoved them right into her mouth. Nice...

T.J. said...

Ummm, sorry for the distraction, Kasie. I'm totally NOT responsible for that ;)
XOXOXOX to Livi!!!!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

OMG, what did you do with that bat?? How did it get in there? I'm afraid enough as it is of little bugs in my house, let alone an actual animal!

Oh, and my daughter is also obsessed with the dog's food. Sometimes, I can't get her to touch her own meals, but she's always willing to play in the dog's bowl.

Confessions From A Working Mom

Nic said...

Really a BAT!?!? Oh...MY...Word...thats crazy!
Ps thanks for the shout out! I love my blogging friends New AND old =)

Graceful said...

I am totally cracking up over this post -- especially the plate full of dog food!!!!

Yellow House said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your post cracked me up. The dog food picture is great. :)

Jennifer said...

I am still terrified of the BAT. I made the mistake of researching why a bat would be in the house in winter.... words like colony and rabid kept showing up!
I certainly did not wear a hat while cleaning and cooking this weekend! :)

Jennifer Campbell said...

What??? Seriously? I cannot believe this post!! You are still my idol!!! How did you deal with that bat, please tell me that is a joke.

Pam said...

A bat .......... um...........a tennis racket works! Your posts always make me smile!

T.J. said...

Why Pam, a tennis racket?! and to say you work with children ;)

Actually gang, it was a pretty smooth removal involving all three adults, a large yogurt container and a welcoming backyard. Fare thee well, bat!!!

Nic said...

Yes! The Amish bread does have vanilla pudding in it. I wonder if she changed anything else or just the pudding? Anything with chocolate HAS to be good =)

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