January 20, 2010

Some lighthouse love

Are you ready for more? 
Here's part two of the Bear/T.J. seaside tour...

Our friends J and T were the best hosts ever and we had a blast visiting with them!  They took us to the Seacoast Science Center in Rye, N.H.

There was an enormous skeleton of a young humpback whale named Tofu.  The center was informative enough to keep me very curious and kid friendly enough to allow for Bear to have a rip roaring time. 

We could see lighthouses from here, but J and T know how much I adore the structures (and have such patience with me) that they took us to a better lookout point in New Castle, N.H.

Here you could see Whaleback light

and Portsmouth Harbor Light which has been in operation since pre-revolutionary times.

Some say it's haunted; to the point that supernatural themed shows have been taped there.

Creepy, yet cool.

another little fact...

Portsmouth Harbor Light is the only lighthouse on the mainland of New Hamshire.

This is also the region of Isle of Shoals, but I had to really use my imagination to see many of those islands.

To end the day, we strolled around Portsmouth, where I discovered this lovely sign


Of course, my trip wasn't all about lighthouses.
Not quite anyway.

I feasted on delicious, home cooked meals, familiarized myself with J and T's new, adorable home and caught up with an 'ol cat friend of mine.  You might remember him.  

Here he is helping to protect his family...

Any guesses on what he was protecting us from?

On another day, J , Bear and I took a little trip up to Maine.  You know, the place with the slogan "the way life should be".

In Ogunquit, Maine J took us to Lobster Point on the Marginal Way where we saw this gem...


it was the cutest, stumpiest lighthouse I've ever seen!

It's not on the National Lighthouse Registry, so in order to find it, you've got to know someone cool, like J.  Or I suppose you could Goggle it. 
Not half as fun though. 

We rounded out the lighthouse tour in York, Maine.  Home of...

Cape Neddick (Nubble) Light
I never tire of going to see this lighthouse, 
I mean look at the thing. 

It's features are gorgeous to begin with and the ocean hits it just rightIt has an infamous red light and uses a cable system to shuttle supplies.  Neato!

In fact, that bucket there?  Yeah, one of the lighthouse keepers sent his children off to the mainland for school in it until someone deemed it a little unsafe.  Probably a good move, but I'd have loved to have been that child.

There has been a wedding on the grounds and a music video filmed in front of it.  

My favorite fact though, is that when NASA launched Voyager II in to space, they included a picture of Nubble Light in their stash of "cool things about the Earth".  You know, just in case they ran into some other civilizations while traveling abroad.

How does one even begin to top that?!  
Cape Neddick Light, you rock (and I don't mean in a nubble kind of way).


Kate@And Then I Was a Mom said...

I love Nubble Light--we vacation right up the road from there every summer. It looks exactly like a lighthouse should look, in my opinion. Plus it's right near Fox's, and they have such yummy ice cream. (One-track mind.)

How cute is Bear's puffy coat? I adore puffy-coated kids...

Jennifer Campbell said...

What amazing pictures... how fun to ride in that bucket??? Things people could do "back in the day". I always love seeing your lighthouse pics!

Katelyn said...

Cool photos!!! Did you see I gave youa blog award...?

Darlene said...

What fabulous pictures. I LOVE all of the lighthouses. How neat and great friends to take you around everywhere....what fun!!!

Pam B said...

Thanks for sharing one of my favorite aspects of New England! Of course, some books for you - The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge, Beacons of Light:Lighthouses, The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter and Keep the Lights Burning Abbie, to name a few. Consider a day trip in the Spring to Lighthouse Point and Savin Rock Museum in New Haven CT, memories of my childhood.
This is a great way to keep in touch ...........

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