January 11, 2010

A walk down memory lane with a bag of popcorn

My friend T  told me the other day that her high school students had no idea how to go about making homemade popcorn.  She had given it to them as a treat and they got to talking, which led to questions...

but where do you buy the seeds to pop it?

what do you use to make it at home besides the microwave?

don't they have to import it?

So, as my P.S.A. to you today, not only am I going to pass on a gourmet homemade popcorn recipe, I'm also going to urge you; don't let this happen to your kids!

Invest in a homemade popcorn maker.  Ya know, before it goes the way of records, typewriters and cars that have manual locks and window cranks. 


Here's the recipe.  I'm off to make a mix tape.  It will take me hours and the sound will be of poor quality, but I'll still be able to hear Spin Doctors and Guns N' Roses through my poor dubbing attempts.

Cinnamon Popcorn

-14-16C popped popcorn ( I suppose you could use  microwave popcorn as long as it's unflavored)
-2 sticks butter
- 9.5 oz red hots
- 1/2C corn syrup or agave syrup
- 3/4t cinnamon oil or extract

Mix the butter, red hots and syrup in a pot and heat until boiling.   Boil for 5-7 minutes or until the candy has dissolved, stirring constantly.  Remove from heat and stir in oil or extract.  Pour mixture over popcorn, toss to coat and bake at 225* for one hour.  When cool to the touch, put popcorn in to a large bowl or container to cool completely (otherwise it will stick to your baking pan).    


Jennifer Campbell said...

I am so glad to have found your blog as well... I am following you too!!! So, I have to say, I have never personally made homemade popcorn.... my mom did, but I really don't eat it... but I will consider it. Brian likes it! I will have to try out one of your amazing recipes! Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog! It is my newest hobby that truly makes me happy!!!

Darlene said...

Morning T.J.,

Have fun mixing your tape. I always enjoy my own music because I LOVE all the songs put on the CD!

The popcorn sounds yummy! I remember making the "old fashioned" kind of popcorn. It was really neat when my parents would by me a jiffy pop popcorn to make!

Cherry said...

Yum! I do have an old fashioned air popper, so I will have to try out this recipe!
Good luck with your music.

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