January 07, 2010

You Capture, Year in Review


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So, 2009 in pictures.  Here we go...

Our year had it's ups and downs.  Some of our friends and relatives got married, fought cancer or became pregnant.  Some welcomed new faces into their lives.  A few beloved friends and family passed away while still others moved into new residences.

All these events composed the year for Champ, Bear and I, but there were other, less serious, but very photographic, activities going on, too.

Like birthdays... 

Bear turned 1.  Sterling turned 14.

Or like our garden where among other things, we harvested carrots

lots of carrots.

We went to Cape Cod on our first family vacation

and had such a blast that we took a second family vacation, this time to visit our friends in Michigan.

Actually, we had so much fun traveling, that Champ and I continued the streak on our own...

We went on our first "date getaway weekend" since the birth of Bear by attending a September wedding of one of Champ's (and mine!) best buds from high school.

The usual visitors stopped by our lake

as well as some new ones.  The raccoon that is, not my parentsI know them.


Bear learned how to eat solid foods

and he learned to take naps in yet another office as both Champ and I took on second jobs in 2009.

and toward the end of the year, it snowed.  

It snowed a lot.

What are some of your favorite memories of 2009?

Ps: I have no idea why my posts sometimes publish with crazy spaces between pictures or text.  It doesn't show up in the preview and sometimes I can't solve the problem in HTML.  Just pretend you don't see it in some posts 'til I figure it all out. Mmk?  Thanks.


Erin said...

Love your pics, especially the one of Bear sleeping in the office on the floor!

Erin said...

Oh, I love these! Especially the carrots. We just used up the last of our garden fresh carrots, and I am missing them already.

Colleen said...

I love the winter scene, but it's the summer pictures that has me dreaming of warmth, beaches and fresh veggies!

Mrs. Bird said...

Wondeful post!!!

Debbie said...

Oh I love the pictures of Bear!
And thanks for the comment on the blog.

Darlene said...

Bear looks so cute napping on the office floor!! Great pictures from 2009!♥

Jennifer Campbell said...

Wow... those pictures are breath taking!!!

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