February 27, 2010

and it's still snowing...

Did you think I had been eaten by wild dogs yesterday?  That I had been dragged off by the Abominable Snowman?  Did you worry that my skull was still not quite right?

Well, whether I ever will be (or ever fully was, for that matter) right in the head, the reason for my lack of posting yesterday was due to the snow.

                              (this is AFTER Champ shoveled the cars off)

THE SNOW SNOW SNOW!  We have over 30" inches and are still in a winter storm warning until tomorrow.  

That's OK though since being snowed in is what winter in Vermont is all about. 

I love the stillness and quiet.  The whiteness on the trees.  Even the power outages.  I know it means an abrupt disconnect to family, friends and bloggy buddies alike, but sometimes I need intervention like that- just not quite as long as it's been this go round!

 (the snow is higher than Bear -he's not thrilled about it.  And look- we finally have enough snow to make steps leading up to the sledding hill!)

We had a brief glimpse into electricity during the storm: Enough time to answer a few e-mails and comments, collect a bit more water and check in with family to start the "snow chain" that we were alive and fine up here in the North ;)

(lovely workers coming to fix the power after it FIRST went out.  Can you guess what caused it to blow?) 

For now we have power, but if you don't hear from me come Monday, well, you'll probably be able to guess whyI wish I could show you just how much snow has fallen and how gorgeous it looks, but it seems my depth perception fails to display on the photos I've taken (wish I could blame it on the concussion) so instead, let me show you how we've been living these past few days...
once we realized the power wasn't coming back any time soon, we moved the upright freezer outside in the hopes that it's contents would remain yeah, frozen.

Bear is doing his chore of filling all our buckets with snow to melt for drinking water (or at least he's doing his version of it).

I found the process a bit funny.  Champ didn't share my humor, nor did he appreciate my pause in the heavy lifting to take a picture. 
He said "less blogging, more lifting"!

We moved all the fridge stuff outside in coolers.  Nature saw fit to snow on the coolers and bury our Snow Cat...

             (poor Snow Cat trying so hard to measure the snow fall)

Bear decided that the empty fridge would make a nice display shelf for his vehicles

and Trot?

Trot seemed to long for the days when the bones and balls he had so carefully buried in the Fall wouldn't THEN be buried under 3 feet of snow.

I believe I am going to have to distract his thoughts towards other doggy obsessions, otherwise I will have a very sad pitt bull on my hands until Mud Season arrives.

I would like nothing better than to sit down and play further on my computer,spreading my hellos to the blogging community.  However, I supposed it is my Motherly duty while Champ is at work to shovel the driveway, collect wood for the fire and put a pot of soup on the stove so that if the power does go out again, I'll be prepared.  Laura Ingalls Wilder is suddenly my hero.

Chat on Monday, shall we?


Jennifer Campbell said...

And I thought we had a lot of snow... kept our power at least... I am glad to hear all is well... go Laura! I love that Bear uses the fridge for his trucks... I remember Bryce doing something like that... can't wait to hear more!

alita said...

I sympathize with your snow issue. Not the shoveling issue though. Living in a condo still has its merits; that is until we sell (hopefully soon.) Then I'll be joining you in the shovel-a-thon motherly duty. What kind of soup? We're having stew tomorrow. Perfect for the STILL falling snow.

I hope you are happy with the snow I sent your way by the way ;)

Aimee said...

Love that Laura Ingalls Wilder! :)

And boy howdy so you have a lot of snow! At this point I am ready to see some spring shoots, but I think that may be more tied to the end of pregnancy than anything else.

Enjoy all your white stillness -- see you when you make it back :)

Quincy said...

Love the "less blogging, more lifting"! LOL.
The nice thing about losing electricity in the winter is that your food won't go bad. Hopefully, you are able to keep warm as well. My family in NY is without power and I think it's getting quite cold in their house.
Enjoy the snow!

Colleen said...

Oooops!!! That comment from Quincy is actually from me! I forgot to sign her out. Or maybe I subconciously wanted to go incognito. :)

Pam said...

Oh my! Be safe! Daffodils are just starting to peek through the over 2 feet of snow. More predicted this week.
Kids will be in school til the end of June at this rate!
Read Snowballs by Lois Ehlert and make sock snowballs, stay inside by the fire!

K. M. Berry said...

Hmm...the next time I want to moan and groan about our meager few inches, I'll pull up this post to supply me with some perspective!

Thanks for the comment! I hope you guys can stay warm and dry until the thaw!

Christy said...

I can't imagine all of that snow!!

I love your dog's name. That is such a random comment, but I may steal it one day :)

Nap Mom said...

We have had our share of snow too... I was just hoping that MOther Nature would not leave me without power... and with a toddler! Luckily, I was spared this time.

"More lifting - less blogging" is an awesome quote. Since I am 7 months pregnant, I can be the family historian (for now) without any guilt.

Good luck!

Emmy said...

Wow! Sounds like you are doing a great job surviving it, I don't know if I could :)

Darlene said...

WOW I can't even imagine having that MUCH snow!Sounds like you are handling it well though.

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