February 12, 2010

Apron wearing 101


A few posts back, I mentioned Bear wears an apron for certain activities.  If you memory serves you well, you might also recall he wore an apron and not much else in that post.  

Well, I'm here today to tell you that yes aprons are the norm in our house and apron wearing in the buff? Not so much. 

Aprons are an important aspect of the Montessori education because they clearly represent when an activity is beginning and ending.  Bear knows that when he and I put on our aprons in the kitchen we are going to get down to business.  He also knows that when we take them off, the activity has ended and we will be transitioning to something else. 

The kindergarten teacher in me likes to keep transitions as smooth as possible!


Bear also has an apron that he uses during arts and crafts or while using his tools to help Champ with a project.  These aprons don't necessarily keep Bear clean (I have yet to figure out why that is since you or I would wear an apron for that reason), but they do easily signal to Bear what we will be doing when I ask him to put one on.  Even better, it lets me know his intentions if I see him reaching for an apron of his on his own.

I'll admit, I was skeptical of the whole apron thing before we started, but now it's almost second nature.  Bear has his aprons, I have mine and we both do our important work around the house; developing his practical life skills as we go.


Jennifer Campbell said...

Love it!!! What a great idea... I love that you have different aprons for different things!

Brian and his dad did all the clearing of the snow... I got to play in it and scrap for the past 2 days it was truly heaven!

Emmy said...

That is a great idea! What a great way to help with transitions, and staying a little more clean :)

Caroline said...

That's so sweet ~ I have to coerce my Stitch to wear an apron!

Darlene said...

Too CUTE and a great idea that when Bear puts on his apron he will be creating.

Catherine Anne said...

I just LOVE babes in the kitchen...

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