February 05, 2010

Bear's Book of Family and Friend's

Phew, I'm glad for Friday to finally be here, how 'bout you?  I have a lovely batch of company here right now and so while we play the weekend away, I leave you with a quick Montessori tip that I do with Bear.  

We call it Bear's Book of Family and Friends.


The concept is rather simple: a small spiral bound book with each page devoted to a friend or family member of Bear's.  We started the book with only direct family included and then as Bear got older, we began to add more and more pictures and names.

It's such a great visual reminder for Bear of what each person looks like and it provides an early introduction into letters and sight words like Mama, Papa, etc.  It also is a creative way to salvage some of your ahem, less artistic photos.   

It can easily be adapted into a photo album, or as one of my friend's does, you could string each page individually across an open space in your home.

Have a great weekend everyone!

oh, PS: we do now have water again thanks to a brand spanking new well pump.  Lovely.  


Jennifer Campbell said...

You didn't have water... oh my... good thing you are by a lake.. but I guess that really doesn't help. We are supposed to get a lot of snow here tonight... Love your book for Bear!

Colleen said...

Great idea! Glad you have water again. That's a difficult one to live without!

Graceful said...

This is a great idea -- cute and creative. I did something similar with my oldest when he was younger -- well, it was just a photo album actually. But it helped Noah learn faces/names of loved ones, since all our family live so far away. Then, during the rare occasions when we were able to spend time with family -- like grandparents and aunts and uncles -- he was able to recognize them easily.

Darlene said...

That is a wonderful book for Bear! I'm definitely glad you have water....it is QUITE hard to be without it!

Pam said...

What a wonderful way to start those beginning literacy skills.
More snow on the way (it is starting to look like Vermont here (well not really!).
Stay warm!

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