February 24, 2010

Out of my mind

Why hello everyone, it's so good to be back!  I should warn you though that I am not all here... 

You see, yesterday, during the major snowstorm we are still having I decided to give myself a concussion.

Do I even begin to explain it here?  Eck, I think not.  Don't you worry though I will in due time;  it's just that it's so "Not Me Monday" worthy that I will bank the full story away until then. 

For now, know that I am OK, icing my head regularly, diligently woken up by Champ every 2 hours last night and avoiding reading any text as that tends to send my sensitive brain into a fit.  So (I am such an awful bloggy friend to say this!) I am following doctor's orders and postponing my reading of other's blogs and writing full posts on my blog until Friday.  

*sigh*  you do know I love you all, right? 

I really, really love you all and I promise to sprinkle love like 200% next week to all of you fellow bloggers out there and I'll send overwhelming happy thoughts to all of you dear non-bloggy readers, too!

So a few housekeeping items to take care of before I go:

Mom, Dad, Mom-in-law, Dad-in-law I'm fine, really :)

Welcome back Taylor!  I was so excited to see you are feeling better and back to posting.  Can't wait to catch up with you next week!

Fellow staff at Champ's school: Yup, that ambulance you all saw yesterday- totally for me.  Thank you again L for your wonderful balance of professionalism and friendship that helped to keep me calm.  The rescue squad is blessed to have you!

Ah yeah, co-workers at my non-profit, I totally owe ya one!  Any particular baked good request?

Katelyn, thank you again for the Sunshine Award.  I hope to be spreading Little Miss Sunshine rays again soon enough.  Congrats on your photo shoot with "A"!  I am so very proud of you :) 

I am thrilled that you have your computer back, 
Aimee!  How would I have carried on without your posts?  Personally thank your computer savy brother for me.
Oh wait!  I can't leave without a picture.  Let's see, how about this one of O and G

and to drive my point home, how about a little
XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO for all of you.  Love, TJ


Nic said...

Bless your heart!! I hope you feel better and get back to the bloggin world soon =)

Colleen said...

Oh, dear... that sounds quite serious! Perhaps we can all change our blog texts to extra large for you so it won't hurt your brain so much. :)

Aimee said...

Oh no! I hope your noggin is back in shape soon - and I'm sure it's quite the story!

Caroline said...

TJ - you are so kind :D Thanks for your comments on the post it sounds as though you shouldn't have been reading!! :D I'll take the hint and when I get a spare few (those are a little rare) I will begin some Gimp tutorials ~ not that I feel worthy really!

Pam said...

OMGosh! Get some rest and have others wait on you for a change! Thinking of and missing you!

Mrs. Bird said...

I'm so sorry you hurt yourself!!! I hope you have a quick recovery, I miss you :)

Emmy said...

So sorry you got so hurt! Think I will go crazy until Monday wondering what in the world happened!

Jennifer Campbell said...

What? I hope you are okay... take it easy. We are getting hit with a huge storm tomorrow. We are already cancelled... whoo hoo... feel better, miss you! I think I might break out Simple Pleasure for some reading tomorrow!

alita said...

OUCH!!! At least you have a loving champ to take care of ya though. I hope you heal fast. It is so hard to juggle all the things we juggle with a head injury.

Leslie said...

oh man...good to know you are ok! that sounds like it was quite an event.

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