February 01, 2010

"Simple Abundance" revealed!

Today is the day where I will stop making allusions to "Simple Abundance" and actually tell you about it and how I use it as a tool in my life.

You can all thank me later :)
I have now read through "Simple Abundance" by Sarah Ban BreathNach over three times.  The first run through I wasn't in a place where I could fully appreciate it, but since then it has bowled me over and it is recommended reading to all my friends.

The book begins on January 1st and covers the span of a year with the idea being you read one page a day.  She has it set up that it builds upon previous pages, but that doesn't necessarily mean one must start in January.  The gist of the book is to help you cultivate your inner self and soul through a series of activities and musings.

Don't turn away yet!  I'm telling you, this is not like other daily devotionals out there.

 I have a space in my house devoted to what I call my "Quiet Time."

Right outside my bedroom door is my "quiet time" wall.  I use elements of Feng Shui in my house and this particular wall was my creativity center, so I thought it would be peachy keen to set up shop here.  I've been having a quiet time each day since I was in high school, but "Simple Abundance" just improved it to the nth degree!  It's a time for me to gather my thoughts for the day, pray, read the Bible, reflect, vent and grow.  

Here's how I do it:
I begin by writing in my gratitude journal since it helps me to be thankful for what I have even when I'm having a rough go of it.  I might journal a bit after that or go right on to reading a passage from my Bible and praying.  I end my time by reading from a reflective book (you know, like Simple Abundance!) or by:

reading some inspiring quotes I've collected or looking over my "TreasureMap",

Traveling down memory lane in a photo album devoted just to me,

or by writing in my Discovery Journal.

As you can see, I write anything and everything in that journal!  I keep it near me throughout the day since it helps keep me organized even if my head is floating in the clouds dreaming up something fabulous.

All these ideas came from Breathnach's book.  She also includes food tips, quotes, suggestions for calendar celebrations and lots of other soul fulfilling activities.  

Take me seriously here because whether you choose to read her book or have another outlet, whether you have 15 children or none, whether you have a moment to spare or not, we all need to have a quiet time, even if only a minute long, in the interest of self and soul preservation.

Sending you blessings for this day!!!!


Anonymous said...

love the photos of memory lane
I recongnized some of the people in them
how cool!
Great post. I need to get that book.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you this
I have a quiet spot in our house just for me.
It's the space under the steps that Steven has finished for me like a real small cozy room.
It's my "reading" room. It has a light and a chair. Very simple, but, very valuable.

Darlene said...

Hi TJ,

I have heard people talking about that book but haven't seen it. It sounds like something that I would enjoy. I am a person that DEFINITELY has to have my quiet, alone time and space. Otherwise, I feel like I will go CRAZY!

I hope the recipe is good. I have the ingredients to make it tomorrow night.♥

Jennifer Campbell said...

Love that book... haven't traveled the entire year with it yet, but now that you are talking about it... I am inspired again!!! One of my favorite people sent me this book last year and I thank her for it!! Can't wait to read more as you talk about it! I think I am ready this time.

Catherine Anne said...

I have this book too. Great post~

Erin said...

I have this book and need to haul it back out. It truly is a fabulous read and I could use it now.

Rhonda Moon said...

Wow, I've just starting reading your wonderful blog and I can't believe all the things we have in common. You have a lovely family by the way. I can't tell you how much this book as meant to me. It changed my life in so many ways. Gratitude is so powerful. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi. Can I come skiing with you sometime. ha.

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