March 16, 2010

Bacon sacrifices

Do you observe Lent?  If not, do you give yourself challenges throughout the year to follow?  Weight loss, books to read, people you should be nicer to, world causes you should care more about?

We all offer challenges to ourselves.  The strange thing about Lent is that I know not only is God on my side, but many fellow Lenten observers are too this time of year.

Take for example bacon.  A few years ago I gave up bacon for Lent (oh boy was that hard to do). I seriously suffered during those 40 days and it was an awful, awesome feeling.  Now though, everyone knows I give up bacon for Lent and they make it that much easier on me!  I don't see it on breakfast tables, I don't smell it in houses.  In short I don't have to deal with the pain and suffering of bacon withdrawal. Anymore, I would go through Lent looking like this

if bacon were the only thing I gave up.  So God and I developed a new game plan.  Yeah sure, I'd still give up a tangible thing like bacon and I'd still work on expanding my growth Spiritually, but I'd also have a few extra Lenten pacts up my sleeve, personalized just for me.  And that's where my new, broken calendar comes in...

yes you heard me correctly.  It was new as of January and it broke as of the first day I hung it up in January.  I was extremely irritated.  Hmph.  but I did not have the time nor the energy to look for a new calendar.  Double Hmph.

So imagine my surprise when along came this in the mail

A brand new calendar, completely intact and full of my favorite things- lighthouses!  Who sent it?  None other than our good friend C, the Michigan State fan you met here.  The Dad who already has a gorgeous daughter and was expecting a son (remember the quilt I mailed?) only days after he sent me this.

I called C  to thank him and explain the calendar story to him in my long winded way.  You know what he said?  He said I saw it in the office and thought of you and knew you should have one.  

I ask you, but how did he know??!!

Actually, I don't care about the answer.  Hanging up that calendar I was beaming; C had totally made my day.  He didn't know I needed a calendar and he's not in the habit of mailing me things, he was just inspired and took a minute or two to follow through.  I decided then and there that one of my Lenten pacts with God would be to make others' days by making my day.

I blow through weeks at a time, sweeping past people, reading one less story to Bear, hardly using soap in the shower and rushing from one place to another.

We get one life, right?  So why am I careening through it?

I needed Lent to remind me to slow down and be mindful.  To realize that even when I think I am living in and appreciating each moment, I'm not. 

God gave me this most wonderful life to live.  I need to savor every second, every day that I am here and make the most of it.  By giving thanks, slowing down and counting my blessing in a fully aware state, I will become that much closer to God AND that much closer to being the type of person who can reach out and impact someone else's day for the better.  Sounds like a win-win to me.

Come on, if C, even with his full plate, was able to take a moment out of his busy day to just think of a friend and set aside his own preoccupations for a moment, then what's my excuse?

Yeah, you're right God, I have no excuse.

I recently discovered a wonderful blog, Chatting at the Sky.
 Emily is the sweet blogger over there who began Tuesdays Unwrapped.  It's kind of coincidental that today is Tuesday and this is the post I wrote, so I decided to link up just for fun.  Head over to Chatting at the Sky for more gifts of everyday life!


Jenilee said...

congrats on your gift! I'll have to head over and check out this new blog you found! :)

Kate said...

Bacon...I don't know if I could give it up. For Lent this year, my 'give-up' was candy. Not sugar per se, but those crazy pre-packaged, empty calorie sweets my husband has around the house everywhere! I can eat lots of candy without even thinking. I've been OK without my candy, but I know Lent really isn't about that. It's about the still, small voice whispering to me. Glad you got your!

Shell said...

Love the idea of savoring every minute. I forget about that. Alot.

Colleen said...

Firstly, let me say that it was a tad disconcerting to see the title "Bacon sacrifices" pop up on my sidebar directly followed by your cute little munchkin's face. =0

I know nothing of Lent... I just didn't grow up with that, but I love the idea of taking time to purpose in your heart to make someone else's day better and brighter. It's a wonderful plan.

Nancy said...

Thanks for paying my blog a visit today. So glad we came across each other. First of all, totally off the subject, your hair is so stinkin cute! So so cute. Now, about your post... love it! Slowing down and stopping to savor. That is my struggle daily. i am with you girl. Thanks for the eye opening. I'll be back! :) Nancy

blueviolet said...

I have really been trying to live life by stopping and enjoying the moments I'm in. This was such a great post! And although Lent isn't something I partake in, I can most certainly appreciate your sacrifice of bacon. SERIOUSLY!

alita said...

Being Catholic I know all about the Lenten sacrifice. I do find it harder to follow through with personal sacrifice (such as giving something up) but I can usually stick to a goal such as not letting things slip by. Which I must say is a FANTASTIC Lenten goal. Kudos for being the best mama you can be :)

Oh and what a spiffy new calander. I see the big GM logo :) Is it Michigan Lighthouses? Cause you know us Michiganders are the best. I moseyed on over to the C post that you linked to and I happened to see a picture of the Flint Children's Museum. My kiddos LOVE it there.

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