March 23, 2010

Irish soda bread pudding and St. Joseph

First off, I am happy to report, I found no urine in the dishwasher today (ahh, how you all made me laugh with your comments on yesterday's post!).

Last week my friend M told me about a delicious Irish Bread Pudding she had sampled.  I came home from our gathering and was suddenly face to face with the stale, leftover hunk of Irish Soda Bread I had made.

That's when inspiration struck... 

   (I was halfway through eating it when I realized I should take a picture)

TJ's Irish soda bread pudding

3C leftover Irish soda bread, torn
2 eggs  
1/4C sugar (1/2C if you like it quite sweet)
2C milk
2T melted butter
1t vanilla extract
palm full of cinnamon
pinch of nutmeg (or 3 passes on the grater)
1/4t Chinese 5 Spice (you could omit this, but it is KEY to ultimate yumminess)

butter the sides and bottom of your slow cooker, then sprinkle in the bread.  In a bowl, mix up all remaining ingredients.  Pour over bread and push down on the bread a bit so that it soaks up the mixture.  Put cover on and cook on low setting for 6 hours (this is perfect for breakfast, so if you don't have a timer on your cooker use a) an early riser like Champ to adjust settings as needed b) one of those timers you'd use to set on electronics in your house).  Serve warm with whipped cream of course!  Serves about 4-6 depending on appetites

                        (quite literally the center of our house)

March 19th was the Feast of St Joseph and since he's a pretty big deal in our house (being our resident patron saint and all- it's a Catholic thing) we held a party and invited him to attend.

Every time this fest day rolls around I am reminded of how much I have.  It was just about 6 years ago that we buried a St. Joseph statue in our yard (another quirky/quaint Catholic thing), said our prayers and hoped that our house would sell and we'd be on our way to New England. 

Well gang, it worked

In under 2 weeks, we'd found a house of our dreams in Vermont, Champ secured a job there and our house in Pa. had a bid on it (a bid mind you, by a 
children's author who had just published a mystery about a lighthouse.  Fate?).  

Here's to You St. Joseph is what I say! 

I'm mostly Italian (it's obvious with my hazel eyes and currently red hair) and so I refer to my roots when it comes to preparing the feast menu.  Pasta and gravy (no cheese- yet another quirk), stuffed mushrooms, stuffed artichokes and broiled Italian sausage. 
To top it all off...

Doesn't matter what we ate though, because what I really want to share is the prayer we say BEFORE the meal.  Here's an excerpt (questioning how one has spent his/her life):

the account that I must render of time lost, of talents wasted, of good omitted, of vain complacency in success, so fatal to the work of God. 

It always kind of slaps me back in to the reality of "yeah, what am I doing with this one life I have?". 

The kind of thought that's a good question for us all to be asking ourselves, no matter our religion. 


Nap Mom said...

Most of the members of my family are in the real estate business. I know how crazy buying and selling and looking... and so on... can be. It's awesome that your house sold so quickly! Someone really is watching over you.

I love my slow cooker - I might have to try your recipe!

Pam said...

Love it! Quote on my family room wall -
"Celebri la famiglia, Celebri gli amici, Celebri la vita!"

Colleen said...

Oh dear, oh dear... the decadence!!! That sounds absolutely delicious! I think it would be amazing to wake up to that in the morning.

Mrs. Bird said...

Yummm!!! Great post today. My grandma has lots of saint bultos and I love all the traditions that go with them :)

alita said...

Meaningful. This post was meaningful. I also felt that it was full of sincerity. The recipe looks absolutely yummy. I don't think I've ever had Irish soda bread.

My sis believes in "The Secret" she would argue that you put the positive thoughts out to the universe that you were absolutely going to move and you YOURSELF made the move. I'm kinda with you though... I believe that (along with positive thoughts) there is a greater power moving us in the directions that we settle into.

Being Catholic is almost a lifestyle, eh? It never leaves you. Even when you start to attend a Lutheran church as a compromise to your family.

Emmy said...

I have developed a philosphy I try and live by.. if I thought enters my head (the good ones-not the crazy ones), I think-"if I think it, do it". It is often thoughts to call someone random up, to go spend some extra time with my kids, to move something away from the edge of the counter (which probably would have later caused a disaster). When the Holy Ghost prompts me, I try and do it, so this life I am living can be the best it should be.

A 2 Z said...

Hi T.J.,

I think I just put on 5lbs looking at those pictures.LOL I usually stay away from cooking/recipe blogs. They make me want to eat while I'm blogging. Not a good recipe in my book: sitting and eating for hours. LOL I'm happy that all is going well in your life. Sometimes it just seems to good to be true and sometimes we have to let our guard down and just let it happen....

Best regards,


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