March 08, 2010


Oh how I love happy surprises and even more surprising others.  This weekend Bear and I did just that and it was WONDERFUL!

That being said, returning from our little adventure I still have a surprising amount of laundry to be done and a surprising pile of lovely blog posts yet to get caught up on, so I'll be keeping it short(ish) today. 

In Bear news, he turns 20 months today!

And in "I so just made a connection between my bloggy friends and literature" news, let me share this:

With our recent power outages, I was able to plow through a lot more books than normal.  One of these was
(no need to look inside right now, I'll just tell you my point)

The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Schaffer and Annie Barrows (they are a niece and aunt team, go girl power!)

I'm not going to give a full book review here, or reveal any secret plots, so read on with no worries.  I WILL tell you though, that it was a spectacular book and has jumped to the top of my contemporary favorites list.

The book is set up as a series of letters from the main character, Juliet, to many different people in her life including her publisher (she's a writer) and a wonderful cross section of the inhabitants of the island of Gurnsey.  Through these letters, the reader embarks on the journey that Juliet's life takes including a visit to Gurnsey.  

I'm giving nothing away here to say that Juliet learned about the people of Gurnesey through a lovely twist of fate.  A fate which turned those people into much more than just strangers.

When I started this whole blogging thing, I had (still have) no idea what I was doing.  From following to commenting to the whole "community" thing.
I especially didn't understand how a person could become friends with someone whom they only knew through the Internet.   That seemed so strange to me!  Not unlikely for others maybe, but super bizarro to me.

Fast forward to today and suddenly this book and my bloggy friends all make sense.  

Juliet proved to me that through writing (or commenting), a person can really become as close as can be with others through heartfelt contact and expressed interests in each others lives.  We can feel joys, sorrows and everything in between even if we are not physically side by side. 
Even if I don't know your street address or how your hair is currently styled.

It suddenly made sense to me why I talk of you to my husband at times in the same way I talk of my neighbors, my lunch date friends.  Why I say extra prayers at night for bloggy families battling an illness, or bloggy Mama's about to go in to labor (of those, there are quite a few!).  

Well Surprise, Surprise I am a part of the bloggy community and I was accepted so easily and so lovingly that I barely noticed the transition, nor did I have time to be skeptical.  

Today I share my little epiphany with you and celebrate all my lovely readers:

my family and "in real life" friends who loyally follow our antics

Those of you whom I have become even closer with through our mutual blogs

and those of you whom I would not had known had it not been for my entrance (and your graceful acceptance) into this wonderful blogosphere.

Who knew that the Internet could teach me such a valuable and timeless lesson on friendship? 



Jenilee said...

blogging is such a unique community of people connected by like experiences, seasons and interests. I am so glad we became blog friends. How could I have not been following you before?? that is still bothering me. :) well, I am now! I'll be back to comment often. :)

I do wonder sometimes what my IRL friends who do not understand blogging think about my blogs. I wonder myself why I put things up there and why people care... but I know I care and love when my blog friends post new things. so I keep doing it! :) I love blogging and the friends I've met through my little old laptop!

Mrs. Bird said...

Yes, blogging is interesting. I honestly don't talk much about my blogging to my IRL friends and family, because they think it's kind of weird. And maybe it is ;) But I love my bloggy friends. Some are even closer than IRL friends...and much less stressful :) I'm glad we've gotten to "know" each other through blogging and Happy 20 Months to Bear!

Kate said...

Lovely post today. There is a mysterious power in sharing. Blogging is a hilly, winding road and God only knows where it leads. Isn't it great when one can find time to read? Happy 20 months, Bear!!

Nap Mom said...

Funny that I don't mention my blog IRL. And my husband thinks it's crazy that I talk about some of my bloggy friends as if they are people that I REALLY know. tee hee hee...

Thanks for the book recommendation. I'm currently reading 'The House at Riverton' (I think) by Kate Morton. I don't get to read much either. Your book selection sounds great and I will def add it to my list. Please let me know about ALL good books that you read. I AM very interested.

Leslie said...

it is a little new and different but blog friends are definitely good and worth every minute.

Kate@And Then I Was a Mom said...

I agree completely. I am constantly surprised by how genuinely concerned, or genuinely involved, I feel about the happenings in other bloggers' lives. I know that technology can sometimes be isolating, but in this case, I find it quite the opposite. It's really, really nice.

Catherine Anne said...

Yes, I too feel the same. Its wonderful to have like minded friends. Blogosphere lol, this is what my hubby calls it. Im happy my slump post helped you. As I have blogged I have come to see real post are ok and really what I want to have in my blog. Why well as you said here "we are all truly friends" Cat

Caroline (Frogmum) said...

I know exactly what you mean TJ :D I live in the stick a bit and don't drive ~ blogosphere becomes more 'real' to me every day (although my husband really doesn't 'get' it!). I too talk of you folks as my 'friends' ~ coz in all honesty that's what my blog-buddies are :D
Glad you had your epiphany - friend :D!!

Colleen said...

I am constantly thinking about the whole blog thing and trying to make sense of what I am doing here. What is my blog about? Why do I blog? Why do people read what I blog? All this is simmering on the back burner of my brain waiting to come together and form... a blog post! :)

One of my happiest thoughts about this blog world, was when I realized that no matter where I moved to next, I wouldn't have to leave my blog friends behind! I know that you will all be with me as I blog about the move, the trip and the settling in.

Jennifer said...

Harry looks particularly cute in his 20 month shoot! xoxox

Jennifer Campbell said...

It is just amazing! I am thrilled to be "close" again via this blogging world!!! Harry looks absolutely adorable!

laney said...

What a great post! This blogging thing is so out of my realm, but it is so much fun. I always feel weird commenting to people I don't know, but after reading this post it is so worth it. Thank you...friend! :)

also, Happy 20 month Birthday Bear!

alita said...

20 months, what a fun age :) Especially since he hasn't hit the trying 2's. ha! Domo is in that stage... in full force.

So this post was written in such a way that your humor and your humility shine through. I wasn't too sure about the whole blogging thing, too. I'm shocked at how much I love it. Nick doesn't understand it, but loves that it makes me happy. It is such a creative outlet. I also agree 100% about the different connections you make along the path of writing. I think of it as a modern day pen pals. :) ... It is a good thing!

Gonna have to read that book. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm reading NIKON D3000 For Dummies. LOL! Go figure, eh?

Anonymous said...

Your Bear is just the most adorable little guy. I wish I had gone for one more, and now I'm just over that hill :-( I miss the little shoes, the little t-shirts..

And lovely post about the blogosphere, i have met some wonderful people and learned some interesting things and found some awesome recipes and visited places I may never get to visit through other blogs, and I am thoroughly hooked!

Pam said...

Blogging has really provided a way to share your passions.

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