March 30, 2010

Ten things

Today I'm linking up with:

She does this lovely post each month about 10 things that have made her smile.  I can always use me some reflection so:

with the help of my Gratitude Journal here they are:

1. Our sign of Spring has arrived: the beaver are out and about

2.  being able to hold true to many of my Compact ways this month

                 (nothing here cost over $1.00!)
3. A dear, caring husband discovering and changing my flat tire (in the rain) so that I wouldn't have to do it with Bear.  Would have been my first post baby tire change.

4. Urine in the dishwasher.  It certainly brought a look of horror smile to my face.  Without Bear, I never would have experienced that.  

5. For dog snores and snuggles in the middle of the night 

6. Reading 2 books in 2 weeks.  How in the world did I manage that one?!

7. Girls on the Run has started!  I'm so excited to be coaching with M and the girls!

8. for being able to chatter with all my friends no matter what state they live in

9. for homemade cookie dough just waiting to be baked up in the fridge

10. I had lots of reasons to cook for gatherings of friends this month.  How I love to celebrate with food!  

There you have it.  Remember to visit Emmy for more.


Erin said...


Fabulous post, dear! The top pic is my favorite, but you are adorable, too--and so skinny! How do you do it?!

I'm trying to do more reading myself. Not always easy, and I get so tired at night that I can't concentrate....but trying!

Emmy said...

Great post! And glad you are able to smile about the pee :) That seriously makes me laugh every time I think about it.

And very impressed with your $1 or less finds! Wow!!

Thanks for linking up :)

blueviolet said...

Your smile is the most engaging beautiful smile!

The urine in the dishwasher...LOL

Nic said...

Thank you for the award!! So I'm guessing you don't do McDonalds hamburgers..LOL! Really I dont blame you.

Shell said...

What a sweet idea for a post! I still laugh when I think about the pee in the dishwasher.

alita said...

What a heroic hubby you have. Changing a flat tire (in the rain, no less) = Hero!

Oh and what a cute running picture. Your smile lights up your face. I would love to get back into running. I used to do about 5 miles a day, but that was before kiddos. So um... about 4 years ago. lol... wow!

Cute pictures! Enjoy your blessings :)

Kate said...

Yes, the dishwasher was a highlight I won't soon forget! I like to run, but I am not very fast and I love to eat raw cooking dough from the fridge.

Pam said...

Those around you are so fortunate too!
Thanks for the comment over at
I can't imagine my Vermont stream with the snow melt and all the rain.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, nature!
Have a fun Easter .........

Darlene said...

WONDERFUL post of thankful things. WOW I can't believe you found each of those great things for $1.00 or less. Still having to laugh over the dishwasher

Mrs Montoya said...

Yeow - urine in the dishwasher makes you smile??!?! I like how easy you are to please :) I'm over from EmmyMom's and love your list. So excited to have found you.

Yellow House said...

I love this post idea. (Might steal it soon!) What books did you read? They must have been great!

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