April 02, 2010

5 Faves Friday

It's Friday and it's finally beginning to feel like Spring around here!  I've even got some photos to prove it.

FFFpub copy

                                         (discovered at the library)

 (take at the beginning of the week- it felt like Fall)

 (Friday and what a difference: we picnicked after work in BAREFEET)

                               (Trot celebrates Spring by burying things)

                       (I am so very pleased the crocus are here)

Go visit Caroline's blog for more 5 Faves Friday.


Shell said...

Stunning pics!

Colleen said...

Goodness, TJ, the light in both crocus pictures is perfect! Love it.

It was a crazy weather week, wasn't it? 30's on Monday and 70's today! We got back to VA to find 80 degree weather and everything in full bloom.

Leslie said...

i love these pictures...especially the barefoot picnic in the park

Darlene said...

Beautiful pictures!! I think Bear enjoyed his barefeet!!!...CUTE!

Erin said...

I love Bear Feet and bare feet! LOL....and your photos are amazing. You have such an eye.

Happy Easter to you and your fam!

Jenilee said...

what fun pictures for spring! :)

blueviolet said...

I LOVE it!!!! That nose is so cute!

Caroline (Frogmum) said...

Gorgeous TJ :D MckLinky is up now ~ sorry it was late tonight ~ busy family day and out tonight at church stuff (and I nearly forgot!!)
Love the doggy nose (sort of!), but the crocuses ~ don't you just love them! Now it's my turn to be envious ~ spring has all but run away here and winter hastened a return ~ it's FREEZING and my poor border plants are looking like they are not going to make it :( That's the problem with the UK ~ you never can be quite sure..! Certainly not warm enough around here for bare baby feet (so sweet!).

Julie said...

beautiful! love the barefoot picnic.

Anonymous said...

That's some nose shot :-)

Kate said...

Lovely shots TJ. It's not very warm where I am, so I am envious.
The nose shot was fantastic and a little.....scary. Bear is precious, as always!

alita said...

BAREFEET!!!! AWESOME!!!!! Gotta love that. Oh and those flowers. Very pretty. I'm glad that it is finally warming up there. It was 86 yesterday. WHAT? I know, right?!? We made chalk art and I (gasp) left my camera in it's case. Instead I played hopscotch. yeah... um... ha!

HAVE a very blessed Easter TJ! Enjoy every minute of your little family.

Yellow House said...

These pictures are wonderful! I especially love the dog nose! What lens do you use most often?

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