April 21, 2010

I heart Earth

I figure since tomorrow I might actually be able to get back on the You Capture wagon, today I will celebrate Earth Day After all Earth Day should be everyday anyway, right?!

Some of us do lots and lots of things to help the Earth, some of us can only do a few.  Some people are a little zealous, shall we say, about their stewardship to the Earth and other people consider those people to be quacks from Jupiter.

I do tend to cringe if I'm at a house which doesn't recycle or if I see someone use a paper towel to mop up a water spill and then throw it right out, BUT as much as I like to advocate care of our planet, I try desperately to do it by example rather than nit picking or being judgmental.  The funny thing is, I've found I'm able to influence more people in this way, than I ever would be able to do by getting up on my soapbox (disclaimer: I suppose I do climb my butt up on to that box from time to time though when I'm... impassioned!)

Just what is it we do here at Any Given Moment to help the Earth?  Well we...

1. use cloth napkins and only keep a roll of paper towels on hand for dog vomit (I mean, come on- ewwww!!!)

2. buy most our foods/dry goods in bulk from the health food store and food club/co-op we belong to.  This helps cut down on packaging (among other things)

3. Champ bikes to work just about each day (a few years back he did it for a FULL school year through sleet, snow, moose...) and we got a bike seat for me and Bear so we can start biking rather than driving to the Post Office etc.

4. I love to garden and I raise my crops from seed.  Homegrown food is a great way to help the enviroment and even better if it's non GMO, organic and pesticide free.

5. from day one we used cloth diapers and wipes with Bear

6. we hang the laundry whenever we can, but seriously I do it more for the delicious smell of the clothes rather than any Earth friendly ways!

7. when it was time to buy a new (used) car last year, we downsized even though we had upsized in the human department with a Bear addition.  Went from a Forester to a VW Golf.  It conserves way more gas and taught us how to pack lightly for longer trips with 2 dogs, 3 humans and suitcases.

8. during house renovations,  we replaced the old carpet upstairs with bamboo floors and the carpet in the basement with a click and float floor which we didn't glue down.  Both floors are holding up wonderfully.

9. we get 99% of our veggies from our CSA.  I serve them fresh through the Summer season and can or freeze the rest to eat throughout the year.  I also process all our berries and apples to last the year through.

10. I make all our cleaning products and call them "potions".   I use essential oils to scent them and the coolest thing is that Bear can now help me clean since they aren't harmful to his skin or lungs.

In no way am I doing all I can, but every bit helps and these changes work for our family at least for the time being.

Have you made any Earth friendly changes?

Are there any environmental actions that you think would be ridiculous to try? 


Colleen said...

Some of the earth friendly things that I have adopted have become such a part of our lives, that I don't see them as special or different anymore. So, you've inspired me to make a similar list and to think a little bit more about what I can work on in this area.
Even before your post, I was considering posting something about earth day. Still working on that thought. We'll see...

Emmy said...

You are doing a lot though! Good for you

Mrs. Bird said...

Yay for Earth, and you! I am trying every day to be "greener." I only buy Brooklyn's food/snacks in bulk now, and then I reuse those containers. It is working our great and much cheaper too!

Yellow House said...

I love your list. One thing I've been good about this year is only using reusable shopping bags. In Seattle, they charge you for plastic bags now. I think it's brilliant!

I think you should take a picture of the whole family in the VW! I am imagining it now... dogs and all! :)

Kate@And Then I Was a Mom said...

I am really, really impressed. I'm going to steal a couple of ideas from you, okay? Okay.

Erin said...

You are amazing, TJ. I want to be more like you.

I continue to make changes, and as I type this I am watching Food, Inc. and am going to move towards becoming vegetarian. Hubs refuses to watch and I don't know what I'll do as far as the girls go, but...something's gotta give. I can't do this anymore.

Amy said...

Thanks for this post. You helped inspire the post that I wrote today. Unfortunately it's quite long, but I think it was important for me to list what I am doing to better my life and to remember what my goals are.

alita said...

For as much as I love nature. And I REALLY love nature, I admit I don't do enough for the earth. Thanks for the tips! Today in honor of earth day I'm going to implement some changes. We already recycle, use the laundry line, let it mellow if it is yellow, get our veggies from the farmers market (when in season), and turn off lights... but today. TODAY! I'm going to invest in some grocery bags. This is a big step for me. I like using plastic way too much.

SO thank you! Thank you for this post.

Nap Mom said...

Wow! Way to go! I was really motivated about Earth Day last year. This year, I have more distractions... which probably isn't a good excuse.

Last year we started recycling. And, we started using washcloths to wash Bordy's hands after his meals, instead of using paper towels. We were going through tons and tons of paper towels.

Now that we have a yard, I want to plant some vegetables, but that hasn't happened so far... maybe next year.

I started my bird watching hobby and continue to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count... does that count for something?

I think that's it.

Oh, when I get back to work from maternity leave, I hope to have a discussion with some people at work about being greener... maybe printing on both sides of the paper... maybe recycling cans on ALL floors of the building, not just one floor... and so on.

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