April 05, 2010

Should one gnaw or lick a chocolate Easter bunny?

Are you kidding?  Bear certainly doesn't know the answer to that question!  Being the healthy food promoting Mama I am, I WOULD NEVER let Bear just have at it on a Easter Bunny his Uncle B brought over.  

Who lets their child bypass all that has been taught to him and sustain himself on a chocolate Easter lunch simply for sugary enjoyment and the entertainment of adults?

Not Me that's who. 

While I have you here, let me point out that NEVER EVER would I post a picture of the Challah Bread I recently made just because I think it turned out so gosh darn beautiful.
(I would share the recipe though, go here)

I WAS NOT so lucky as to win the "Mama of the Year" award with Bear recently when I presented him with this hat trick of activity in town

       (logging truck, tractor and workers with chainsaws)

But it would have been nice.  Bear would have been head over heels to see that!

And speaking of heels, let me confirm that this picture 

does not prove that I am the type of person who would post toilet training tips and fail to mention that one of our commodes has a leak.  A leak that MOST CERTAINLY DOES not necessitate the tucking down of certain body parts to achieve optimum toileting success.

And finally, at the start of this week, it was NOT ME nor MY CHILD who blocked the garbage disposal with this...

juice glass.  I mean, accidents happen, but come on, could a glass really wedge itself that firmly in the disposal simply by a person gently tossing it into the sink?  And would that glass be so slippery among the inner working of the disposal that it would take MacGyver like maneuvers on Champ's part to get it out?

Thank goodness all of the above mentioned scenarios DID NOT happen to yours truly.

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blueviolet said...

That chocolate bunny eating technique is just so cute!!!

I can't believe you snapped dripping toilet leaks! LMAO!!!

Colleen said...

That's a BIG bunny! I don't think it matters how you eat it, just have at it! Although I'd happily pass up the chocolate for a loaf of challah bread, YUM.

Great shot of the actively overflowing commode! LOL

Shell said...

It's Easter, it's okay to have things like that for lunch...or breakfast even, though it was NOT me who let my kids do that....

Jenilee said...

love the chocolate bunny eating pics. :) Annalise got a smaller one from her teacher at church yesterday and then left it in the car while we were at lunch. it was an ooey, gooey mess! so we put it in the fridge when we got home. :) I'm sure she will enjoy it today!

Jenilee said...

love the chocolate bunny eating pics. :) Annalise got a smaller one from her teacher at church yesterday and then left it in the car while we were at lunch. it was an ooey, gooey mess! so we put it in the fridge when we got home. :) I'm sure she will enjoy it today!

Emmy said...

I have gotten glasses in the disposal like that, so not fun!
And I have never let my kids do something to just entertain the rest of us :)

Great post

Darlene said...

I'm so glad all of that didn't happen in your family....lol. Bear looks adorable going after that Easter bunny!!!!

Mama Zen said...

When I saw the picture of the glass, I laughed out loud. I could definitely get it stuck in the garbage disposal.

Graceful said...

You crack me up (though I would NOT have been laughing over the juice glass in the disposal!). And I have to say, that is one giant bunny (wish it were mine!).

Thanks so much for visiting my blog so frequently when I was on the social media holiday during Lent! I'm glad to be able to pop back over here from time to time.

And happy belated Easter!

Kate said...

The bread.....it looks like yummy perfection. Wish I had some right now! Looks like you had lots of fun this weekend. Have a great week! Oh, and chocolate is now a health food.

Pam said...

Yummy! Do you know the story Max's Chocolate Chicken by Rosemary Wells. Funny!

Rhonda Moon said...

The bread looks yummy. I love making home made bread. If only I had more time.

Chocholate bunny...is there really a wrong way to eat them? yum.

Liz said...

Mmmm chocolate!!! I can't believe that glass got stuck. Crazy! We once got a peach pit stuck in the disposal...but an entire glass? Wowzers!

Have a great evening!

Loving This Mom Stuff

Anonymous said...

THANK the LORD it WASN'T YOU!!... I mean, can you imagine?

oh yeah, actually you can. :-)

Let the child knaw on the bunny, it's what holidays are for, relaxing of the rules.
And.. I know a good plumber if you need one..lol..

alita said...

I vote for gnaw! The boys enjoyed every little minute of theirs. :) Not before they ate their food first though. Chocolate bunnies... a FANTASTIC motivator. I've become a bribey mama. Opps, when did that happen?

Oh and that pic of the "flood" opps! Is it ok that I laughed out loud. Hopefully you don't mind. :) I'm glad that you really enjoyed your holiday chica.

Yellow House said...

Your posts are so wonderful! The bread looks amazing. I want to go bake some right now! And the potty training pictures almost make me look forward to that phase of our life just so I can take funny pictures.

PS - Your son is adorable. Don't know if I have told you that before :)

Julie said...

I once had a plumber over twice in one day to remove the SAME pebble out of the disposal. He found it once, put it on the counter, and when I cleaned the counter an hour later I accidently wiped the same pebble right back down inside. Totally embarrassing! Very cute pictures of your son with his chocolate :).

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