April 06, 2010

Thrill of the hunt

Hi friends!  Before I begin my prattling on for the day, wanted to put it out there that this week will be crazy, wonderful, busy for me since among other things it will be Champ's birthday - YAY! 

Birthdays take priority around here which means I will not be participating in You Capture this week (*shock, gasp!*).  I might be a little out of the bloggy loop, too.

Around all the serious, work related business of the week, birthday celebrations will be woven.   They are that important, especially for someone as cool as Champ.

Actually, let's talk about Champ today:

He woke up Bear to get him ready for the Easter egg hunt in town this weekend.  Bear did not want to go to the hunt, he wanted to sleep (have I mentioned how much Bear enjoys sleeping?).

This was our first egg hunt in Vermont.  I had never been to one that I could remember, so I was excited to go.  Champ had been to plenty and therefore was crazy excited to go.


We arrived at the village green and attempted to participate in some pre-hunt activities.  "Pluck a Duck" did not hold Bear (or Champ's interest) for long.  He had spotted something else...

There was a strange rabbit walking around, talking about eggs to be found.

The newspaper wanted a picture, so Bear found a friend to sit with, they listened to the rules of the Easter Egg Hunt and then the fun began.

Bear S-L-O-W-L-Y found an egg or two, but he was mostly fixated on the organize chaos of gleeful children running to and fro.

Being the competitor caring father he is,

Champ stepped in to discuss egg hunt logistics with Bear.

The coaching helped, and Bear was on his way
going to...

 and fro...

finding eggs.  In the end, he had plenty of jelly beans and chocolate eggs to share with his doting Mother and Father.  I declared the egg hunt, indeed a fun time and Bear decided he kind of liked that rabbit/bunny guy; you know, once he was able to try out some bunny ears in the privacy of his own home.

This was Champ's first full weekend home with us since taking up work on the weekends.  It was indescribably wonderful to have him back.  Funny, it's his special week on the calendar, but he already gave Bear and I the biggest present we could imagine.

That's Champ for you.


Kate@And Then I Was a Mom said...

Egg hunts are the BEST. They seriously need to start having them for grown-ups too. Sharing jelly beans is great and all, but I want my own.

Love the picture with the ears. SO CUTE.

Happy birthday to Champ!

Emmy said...

Yeah! Glad he had fun. Love his smile in that last picture. And having Daddy around is the perfect present.

Mama Zen said...

This post is so sweet! I love that last picture.

Aimee said...

Happy Birthday to Champ, with our prayers for many more happy healthy ones to be celebrated :)

And also, two thumbs up to daddies who do everything for their families -- they are awesome!

alita said...

What a sweet loving post. It sounds like Champ is one helluva daddy. The pictures are adorable (as usual) but OMG I love the bunny eared one of Bear. Enjoy your crazy busy happy week chica!

Happy Birthday to your Champ! :)

laney said...

It sounds like you have a good Easter. It is always a plus when you can enjoy it together as a family. :)

Happy Birthday Champ!!

Erin said...

That is the sweetest! We are going to be missing our Daddy this weekend. He has a fun annual trip to FLA planned w/ a gaggle of his high school friends. More blog time for me, though, right?!?! LOL

Great pics, TJ....looks like you guys had such a sweet time together! And Happy Birthday to Champ!

Shell said...

How wonderful to have him home!

As always, gorgeous pics!

Colleen said...

I love that last shot with the bunny ears. What a sweet smile.

Easter egg hunts are the best, but we rarely go to public ones. Our favorites are the ones held in our own backyard. Next year, I plan to have only camouflaged eggs to make it more challenging for all the teens.

Anonymous said...

What a nice post, lucky CHAMP, and LOVE the bunny eared bear.

Jennifer Campbell said...

Happy birthday M!!! Love the pictures... hope to see you soon!!!

Yellow House said...

I love the plaid pants! Happy celebrating this week :)

Nic said...

Awww...Love the last picture with the bunny ears! Happy Birthday Bear

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