April 01, 2010

You Capture: Feet

This week's "You Capture" theme is feet, so right out of the gate, I offer these lovely specimens

A perk to working for Vermont Institute of Nature and Science?  I happen to have a bucket of talons lying around.  Hey, feet are feet!

I found it was much easier to capture snapshots of Bear's feet when he was still.  A hard, hard thing to encourage a toddler to do. 

Also?  Lots easier to encourage a group of 20 some awesome "Girls on the Run" girls to run around and exercise rather than stand still.  Good thing we don't do much standing around at practice!

Of course, if you turn a request into a game - well, then it's suddenly super fun.

I end with this SPECIMEN: exhibit A, Bear's slippers.  The other reason why it's difficult to get pictures of bare feet around here is because Bear is Rather Attached to his slippers.  He has had this particular pair since he started walking and they already look more worn out than any of my marathon training sneakers did.

He wears them to bed, he wears them to play, he'd wear them out in public. but that's where I draw the line because (I repeat) he wears them to bed!  He does have a bear that he sleeps with too, but I fully believe that if he had to choose, the slippers would win hands down.  

Please tell me you have an attachment like this.  Tell me your child has shrugged off the typical soft "blankey" for a pair of old man slippers as well.  Tell me we are not alone here (I'll admit I  think his habit's a wee bit adorable though)!

Beth just had her dear, sweet son Elijah and is taking a well deserved "You Capture" break.  So this week, head over to Kelli's for more feet filled moments.



Leslie said...

i love these pictures. i admit that i was a little shocked at first by the talons but then i saw where you work and thought how awesome that would be. what a cool job....those little bear feeties reading are too cute!!!

alita said...

The first picture really creeped me out TJ. You gotta give a girl some warning. ha...

Bear looking upside down, um be-still my heart. WHAT a CUTIE!

You might be alone. No old man slipper attachments here. Just blankies and pookie. :)

Bec said...

I was thoroughly grossed out by the talons shot, but the other ones helped me to not want to throw up ;) haha.

Mrs. Bird said...

Great photos! I loved the talons shot, but I'm weird like that...snakes, spiders..they're all interesting rather than gross, lol. Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Wow, the talon shot is so interesting!

I love that your son has slippers he loves so much!

Adeena said...

The talons were... interesting. ;)

Great pictures! :)

Emmy said...

Okay those talons are.. well totally disgusting! But you got a good picture of them.

No slipper fetish here, but my daughter likes to wear her rain boots all around the house all of the time... needless to say she is yet to wear them in the rain or that would be the end of her indoor delight.

blueviolet said...

My daughter is 21 and still loves her ratty pink blanket. Really, really, really loves it!

Jen said...

Sorry, but that first one grosses me out, but the fouth one is so cute! I love the perspective.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of the tootsies! And.. my son had a Naa naa. I still have the shreds that are left. It was a little cotton blanket that got smaller and smaller and unraveled bit by bit.. until he started saving the threads in his nightstand. I think he was 8 when he finally gave it up. But he still feels it now and then.

Anonymous said...

I do love my boys feet. We just had our sidewalk poured today and we did their cute little feet imprints in the wet concrete. It's just too sweet.

kristenly said...

ooh the talons are a little freaky! but your little boy is super cute! my niece actually loves her slippers but she recently outgrew them so it was very sad. :-(

Colleen said...

I kinda liked the talons, but Bear's feet are far cuter.

Those are some well loved slippers. We still have my oldest's blankie, but he doesn't seem to need it anymore. :)

laney said...

Oh my goodness...what are you doing with a box of talons?...although I do think they are very cool!

Loving the feet photos! I have a foot fetish when taking pictures of children.

All my kids have there favorite blankey, but sorry no old man slippers. :)

Catherine Anne said...

They are all great~

Melissa said...

The talon shot is interesting, but um pretty creepy. I love the reading and the peek a boo shot, he looks so happy!

My nephew sleeps with his slippers also! He has a pair of Spiderman slippers I bought him two years ago that his toes are sticking out of now but he just won't give them up. I also have to wear slippers, won't walk around barefoot even around the house!

Jennifer said...

Bippers Rule!

Brooke G. said...

All are super, super cute!!! (Er, except for the talons... YIKES!) The slippers crack me up. My little guy hasn't gotten attached to slippers, but he does insist on wearing the same SHIRT every day. Grrrrr ;D Aren't the goofy with their little quirks???

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