April 13, 2010

You were all so right

Yup.  All you bloggy friends of mine were spot on with your comments from yesterday. That's what I love about ya, you supportive bunch, you- just because we might not have met IRL, you still give great advice as though we have.

That's why you're my bloggy Friends.

In summary, as Champ and I navigate our Bear free few days, we are experiencing:

joy and sadness freedom and heaviness.  Bittersweet moments full of gardening, chopping wood, painting toe nails, burning things in the fire pit and snapping and editing pictures (guess who did what).  Strange feelings of longing and a constant looking for something that's not there. 
Bear is reported to be having a fine time, so why aren't we (at least fully) able to do the same? because, we've now learned, this is a very difficult things for parents to do.  Who knew that even absolute free time changes once you have a child?

We leave for Pa. in a few hours and will pick him up tomorrow morning.  In the meantime, I work in a 1/2 an hour and really should get moving *Ahem*!  Yeah, yeah, in a minute.  First. some pictures from the weekend...

                              (a canoe with Grammy) 

(my "niece and nephew" Tito and Bella)

             (birthday cakes # 2 and 3- I think) 

and a close up...

Mmmmmm!  Chocolate-chocolate cake!  It was a variation on the lemon vanilla cake I made for Easter
and it was super yummy.  If you have a sweet tooth of the chocolate variety, then whip this up: cake recipe  icing recipe!!

Also?  I AM FLOORED by my follower count over there.  I had secretly set small goals for myself when starting this blogging thing and one was to make a "button" for the blog once my followers reached 50.  Hmm... I might be meeting that goal before I know it! 

XOXOXO to all you darling followers and yes, XOXOXO to the rest of you, too! 

I have no idea what to expect between now and Friday.  You may see a new post up, you may not.
You might see a new comment on your blog, you might not. 

either way, I'll be back in full force next week with my FULL family gathered around me once more.

Oh, and before you go, please go visit my friend Katelyn.  She just joined the Concussion Club 2010 (I'm a member
and I'm sure she could use a little extra bloggy love.
Welcome to the club, Girl!!! 

Have a great weekend everyone, if we don't chat before then! 


Darlene said...

You are right it is never the same when your little one (and I suspect no matter how old they get) is away. I start getting antsy when Lexi is at a sleepover and they don't want me to get her before noon. WHAT you want MY baby most of the day???? So, I know how you feel. You just enjoy it the best you can. As they get older it does get easier though. I know you are going to be excited to see him and hear all about his fun time. Love all your pictures. They are always great!♥

Kate said...

I'll bet Bear is having the time of his life. Do you hear him cry or call out in the night even though he is not there? That happens to moms alot....even when the kid goes to college. I love your pictures and how you process them. You may have to give me a lesson someday. Congrats on the followers....wooo-hoo...good for you.

Mrs. Bird said...

T.J, you're too sweet! I'm sure you're excited to pick Bear up!!! Take care!

Leslie said...

have a great trip...i know getting back to your baby is going to be a big deal!

Christy said...

I am so glad that you aregetting some free time and that Bear is getting the chance to be spoiled rotten :) It is good for him and you!!

Sorry I am just now responding about Food Revolution. My days are over before I realize they have started-HA! The show is good but to be honest it leaves me horrified about school food and our society's eating habits-but there is little talk about what to actually eat/cook. I think you have to read his book? I am going to post about it tomorrow :)

Yellow House said...

Awww - I love how much he is loved and missed! And... I love the cake!

Emmy said...

I remember when my followers first made it into the 30's I was giddy.. and then when it got close to 100! Wow, I was hot stuff :)
And now I am pushing 200 and can't believe it some days. It is a fun little world.

Colleen said...

Enjoy your trip to PA. Since you're half way here, why don't you swing down to DC? I need some motivation to clean house. :) Bring some of that cake with you! ;)

Pam said...

Just think about the wonderful memories he is making with his relatives. I remember (as do the nieces and nephews) the fun times spent with the aunts and uncles. They are now grown and are teenagers, so well........you know how that goes.
Enjoy the sunny spring days!

Scarlett said...

Sounds like all is well! Chocolate chocolate cakes looks great to me.

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