May 03, 2010

Not Me Monday: and it's... safe!

A good "Not Me" Monday to ya- I'm due for one of these, that's for sure.  Remember to head over to MckMama's for more once you're done here where others will be sharing the things they have not done.

So last week I mentioned our local farm in one of my posts.  I showed you the goat and Champ getting milk, but I didn't show this guy

checking out our car.  Why not?  Well, because it didn't happen.  Plus, Silly, don't you know ducks can't drive?

While we are chit chatting about animals, last week I taught my last VINS series class.  I WAS NOT so sad to return all my cool animal specimens, that I snapped a picture for posterity's sake

because posterity would then prove I used my educational materials as centerpieces for my dining room table!

Thanks Goodness I did not do that.

With all the free time on my hands due to the conclusion of those classes, I DID NOT idle away a weekend afternoon turning odds and ends into hair clips.

I would never covet others' hair clips (Nienie, Small Fry...) so badly that I would want the same thing only FOR SUPER CHEAP.

(Champ just loves this one- ha!)

Nor for the life of me can I remember taking more than 20 minutes any time in the past 2 years for myself to craft in sheer bliss, So there's no way I spent a whole afternoon doing just that.

I did not allow our friend J  to regard Bear as a dog and allow him to do a "trick" after Trot and Sterling had had their turn.
(Godspeed, J!)

And It was NOT ME who confirmed that the awful smell coming from the laundry room was indeed from a dead mouse. A mouse who had gotten behind the fabric covered ceiling ONLY GOD KNOWS HOW.  Notice my lavender?  It was also NOT ME who thought maybe, just maybe some lavender could help with the terrible smell.  It didn't help, but finding the mouse did.

And finally?  I DID NOT WATCH IN HORROR as the ball Bear was playing with landed smack in the middle 

of my TEACUPS.  Well, at least someone was looking out for me that day.  Phew! Close Call.


Emmy said...

Phew good thing those things didn't happen :) So sorry about the mouse.. yuck!

And good for you for taking an afternoon to craft. I so need to do that!

VKT said...

This is so funny!!! I love all the things you did NOT the crafts, and finding the mouse, lol....and not watching Bear do a trick. This just cracked me up. Love your blog!!!

The Keierleber Characters said...

thanks for stopping by! You'll never guess what I am doing- WATCHING FEVER PITCH! lol I miss Boston! :) I am adding you to my blog list- love meeting new blog friends! :)

Darlene said...

Hi TJ,

I'm so GLAD all those things didn't happen!! YUCK a dead mouse! Hope you are having a great Monday.♥

Pam said...

Maybe you need a cat! Well, maybe not. Then again I didn't need one and got two. Ummmmmm!

Erin said...

um, do you have an Etsy shop for those hair accessories? my gals love headbands, clips, and do I.

would love to see some of the other things you've done...!

Kate said...

The mouse....EEEKS! Don't we just love all the rodents and bugs that make it into our abodes? Looks like you have definitely NOT been busy. I have something in common with Bear...loving tortilla chips!

blueviolet said...

The hawk on the table...I just don't know what to say! I love the begging for the treat. So funny!

Sick on the mouse!!! I know that smell and it's atrocious!

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

What a fun blog. I love it. And that hairpiece is divine. I love hair accessories. (-:


JoeyRes said...

I'm glad you didn't use stuffed birds for a center piece!

Until a certain age, playing with a child is identical to playing with a dog. I say that in a very loving way.

Yellow House said...

Eww. The mouse. There was once a dead bird in our chimney and the smell was disgusting! I am sorry you are dealing with that. UGH. UGH. UGH!

I love the photo of you channeling Nie Nie. Bows like that look awesome in short hair!

Colleen said...

I'm getting a chance to catch up on my blogging while I wait for everyone to cycle through their post beach showers. (We're having a great time!) I love the hair clips, what a great variety. And how sad that you had to get rid of those lovely centerpieces.

Did you have to pull the duck out of the car? I've had to carry a goat out of mine a time of two. I didn't mind too much... he vacuumed up all the spilled cheerios for me.

Tracie said...

Sometimes my 7 yr. old's bedroom smells like that but there isn't a dead mouse anywhere. It seems to be coming from the light in his closet. Very bizarre.

Brooke G. said...

This is so CUTE!!!! I love it :D
And - I love the hair clip!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Wow! You sure didn't do a lot - HAHA!!! And a dead mouse? Oh no!!!

Serline said...

Very funny!

alita said...

Thanks for the chuckle. You mean the lavender, didn't help at all? lol! I'm also very happy that your teacups stayed in one piece. I know how precious some things are. It is so hard not to get upset over an accident. Know what I mean?

Mama Zen said...

You're hair clips are so cute!

~J said...

Bear did an excellent trick for that chip! Make Trot do his for me! Sterling is excelling at "being old" - I am sure!

Big G is sitting here also reading about George, xoxox

Nap Mom said...

The ball... in the middle of the tea cups... amazing! Yes, an angel was wathing out for you.

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