May 24, 2010

playing catch-up

*update in which she throws up her hands*
There is quite a bit going on around here right now- most of it happy stuff.  The week was already looking to be insane and dear Trot kinda put it over the top.  I need to step away from the computer for a few days to get my life fully back in order- hate to do it, but when I first started blogging, I promised myself that I would keep solid boundaries of time.  I'll be back in this neck of the woods next week and able to give you all the juicy details.

Enjoy your weekend celebrations!!!!!


Trot is much happier to be home, see...

he even tried to smile for the picture!  I feel so bad for him that he has to wear that ridiculous E-collar whenever we leave him, but I'd feel ANGERED if we came home to find he had chewed through his cast.

I have a bit of bloggy catch-up to do and today I'd like to start with some fun awards I've received.

My bloggy buddy Coffee Slut gave me this adorable "sweet blog" award.  Cute, huh?   Thanks so much Coffee Slut- I love coming by your place- especially with a cup of coffee in hand!

And the kind hearted Pam over at The Chronicles of a Veteran Kindergarten Teacher gave me this award recently.

I started following her blog to relive my kindergarten teaching days and it has morphed into so much more than that.  Thanks for all your kindnesses, Pam!

So as is usually the case, these awards come with rules, but I'm going to chance them up a bit and I'm sure you will support me on this.

I won't shirk all my duties though, so first off, some things about me that I might not have shared yet...

- I was a potter for a local studio.  I worked there under a year, but it was an awesome stage in my life!  I especially loved opening the kiln door to see what we had createdSeriously, it was like Christmas.
- I am left handed
- I like to knit
- I worked at a dog training academy for 7 years through high school and college...  kinda explains my dog obsession. 
- Champ and I are high school sweethearts
- I am terribly scared of crowds and being put to sleep for surgical procedures
- I play the piano

Instead of passing on this award to others, I'd like to bring awareness to some bloggers out there who could really use our support right now. 

Some of these lovely people I've know for a while, others I've only just discovered, but they all could use a little extra love, extra prayer, extra positive thought...

Daffy at Bat Crap Crazy just lost her "Big Sis" to brain cancer complications.  It was so sudden and shocking that I can't even begin to fathom what that family is going through.

Recently Emmy at Emmy Mom- One Day at a Time delivered her baby, Ryder, early when her water broke at 32 weeks.  She and her family were vacationing away from home at the time and are currently dealing with all the delicacies of a premie baby born so far from home.

Julie at Snips and Snails and her family are working to process the recent diagnosis of cancer for her youngest son, Andrew.

Momma's Pixie Dreams

Michelle at Momma's Pixie Dreams is supporting her 16 month old daughter, Monkey, as she begins her battle with Neuroblastoma.

Thanks for doing what you can to show support to these families. 

Here's the deal with me: I want to keep on computering right now BUT I hear Bear getting up, can see my poor garden sooo in need of being planted and there's Girls On the Run practice this afternoon.  

So, I will be grateful that I at least am semi back on track after last week's chaos and I'll consider tomorrow a new day.  See you soon bloggy friends!


alita said...

Awwwww- HS sweethearts!!!! Oh and pottery making, um I'm jealous.


GREAT way to pass on the awards by the way!

Graceful said...

So glad your pup is back -- and boy does he look cute with his collar on!

I will try to visit the blogs you many heart-breaking, so many prayers needed.

Colleen said...

Have you seen up? I can just hear Trot saying, "I do not like the cone of shame." Poor puppy. :)

You play the piano? Very cool. I wish I could, but all that talent has gone to the children.

Leslie said...

oh that collar! it was so fun to read some things about is so sweet that you are high school sweethearts. my chris was my first boyfriend.

blueviolet said...

I just love learning all these bits and pieces about you!

Thank you for sharing those blogger concerns with us. Two of them I knew about, but the other two I did not, so I am grateful to hear about it.

Emmy said...

Thank you! That was so kind of you. Hearing about the trials that others are going through makes me feel like mine really isn't so bad... You never know what life is going to throw at you.
So fun that you and tour husband are high school sweet hearts!

Chana said...

His face is so adorable I could die! I just want to give him a big squeeze! Makes me sad that Sophie is allergic to dogs when I see one as sweet as him! So cool to learn some more about you too in this post:) Thanks for your sweet comments about Sophie's party:)

Brooke G. said...

Your poor pup - he looks so sad!
I loved reading all the interesting facts - you had some interesting jobs and I will have to check out some of those other blogs.
Thanx :D

Shell said...

A potter? How cool is that?

And you are such a sweetheart for spreading the word about those families who could use prayers!

Yellow House said...

I love that photo of Trot! Are those your parents? They look so happy to have him home. Poor cone thing though. :(

So fun to learn about pottery, knitting, piano playing, and dog training. You are a well-rounded, talented superstar! I always say that if I wasnt a teacher, I'd want to work with dogs -- maybe open a doggie daycare or something. They make the world a better place!

Congrats on all your awards! You deserve them. I will keep everyone in my thoughts. It was nice of you to pass them on.

VKT said...

Hey sweet lady. I have been out of town for a family wedding but finally got back last night. I am a leftie It was neat learning a little more about you my young lil blogging bud.

This is the last week of school. Where did the year go? sigh

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

The lamp shade picture is pretty cute even though it's sad for him that he has to be restricted!

So many bloggers going through tough times - that's a nice idea to highlight them.

Congratulations on your awards!

Jennifer Campbell said...

FAbulous T! Love your post!

hippie mommie said...

Aw... I hate how pitiful those cones make puppies look... It just breaks my heart! Glad he's happier though!

Jess said...

I am SO with you on the crowds and anesthesia. I need to have my nose straightened out so I could actually breath through it, but I may put that off for the rest of my life. Who needs to breath, right?

Jane In The Jungle said...

That picture is priceless...and he looks happy and well on the road to recovery.
Congrats on your awards and for highlighting those who are in need!

Nap Mom said...

Wow! What a reality check. Reading about what some of these other moms are going through makes me realize that I need not complain so much that my biggest problem right now is lack of sleep.

You are high school sweethearts, huh? The best!

So Pickin' Cute said...

Awwww ~ I LOVE that you married your high school sweetheart!!! I would love to hear the whole story sometime. :) I will definitely keep your bloggy friends in my prayers.

Mama Zen said...

Trot looks delighted to be home!

Erin said...

TJ, I just love you.
Love your shout outs to the bloggers in need. And hopefully Trot can ditch the E collar soon. I am rooting for him. Hope you're enjoying your parents' visit...
and I love that you are such a dog lover/trainer!!! dogs are so special.

p.s. i still haven't called you and I suck monkey balls.

Colleen said...

Thinking of you today and just wanted to say "Hi!"

I guess I could have e-mailed that, but I'm here now so, whatever.... :)

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