June 21, 2010

Introducing: New England Bloggers

The creative, talented Elizabeth over at Thoughts from an Evil Overlord already has a great thing going with her

through which not only have I met wonderful Elisabeth, but also my uber fun bloggy buddies Coffee Slut and Amy from the Handmade and Natural Life.
Are you ready to meet yet another delightful New England Blogger?

 GOOD because today I am participating in "Introducing New England Bloggers..." and I have the honor of telling you about

Hosted by Amanda who blogs out of Maine, this is a space where she writes about her life experiences and offers  tidbits and insights as she goes along.

She has a yummy recipe for pancakes and an intriguing post about a Maine soda company- Capt'n Eli.
Amanda recently bought a new home with her husband 
and just completed a week long study of photography and color- SO COOL! 

She's been blogging since 2009 and true to form, her posts have been sprinkled with wisdom, humor and the occasional delish recipe.   I am thrilled to have found her!

You know what I jived with the most though?

She is normal- just like all of us!  PHEW.  Her most recent post outlines the current craziness of her life, her unwelcomed attachment to her alarm clock and her desire to keep blogging through it all...

she even tosses in a hint of Rhubarb yumminess- can she be anymore awesome- I mean mentioning food even as she's having a rough day?!  Love it.

Go visit Amanda and give her some well deserved bloggy love.  Tell her New England Bloggers sent ya (secret password "TJ") and that should get you through the door. 

Wasn't that last post of mine a rip roarin' time?!  If you're still intrigued, go in to the comments.  There's some great feedback!  


blueviolet said...

Not that she doesn't deserve this wonderful intro, but you could write about ANYTHING and it would be fabulous!

Erin said...

I need a list of new fun bloggers like I need a hole in the head. But thank you. I'm not sure they'll like a Southerner turned Midwesterner???

Yellow House said...

All this New England goodness makes me think I am living on the wrong coast!

rebecca @ altaredspaces said...

I was reading through your blog and came to Cynthia Rylant...one of my favorite children's authors as well. Couldn't comment on that post, so I'm noting my shared fan-dom here.

Colleen said...

I want to be a New England blogger! But I'm not. :( I took a quick glance at a couple of these blogs and hope to go back and look some more.

I just checked out all of the comments on the last post. I had no idea that all that was going on! I'm definitely going to think on this for a while.

Tizbee said...

What a great tribute to Amaranthian! Hers is an entertaining, informative & thought-provoking site I've followed for a while. Nice to see it highlighted!


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

It's so fun to meet new bloggers from all over the place. Thanks for the introduction!

Amy said...

Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. I have really enjoyed getting to know you. I had so planned on taking part, but I just can't seem to find the time to blog. I love finding new blogs, not that I really have the time to read them.

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Hi. I'm in the New England bloggers club too. I don't have time this weekend to participate in the "Introducing a New England blogger". I'm from MA, but live in NH now. Cute blog that you have.

Lizzie said...

What a wonderful review, well done!

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