June 17, 2010

Lady Cup

Be warned boys- this post is not intended for you (sorry)

lady cup

Lady Cup: second month in my possession,
this month I tried it from start to finish.

First day of my cycle; wore a white skirt (coincidence as it happened to be what was ironed), worked a full day at the bookstore.

Giddy at the results and...

White skirt's ready to be worn again!

Felt ridiculous actually ordering it-
now I’m pleased as punch that I did.

Intrigued yet?


Colleen said...

I knew what that was, the minute I saw the title, although I wondered if you meant something else and I was just reading into it.

I have yet to try one of these, but I've tried greening things up in that department by getting rid of all applicators. I'm definitely reducing the amount of trash just with that act alone.

Leslie's really going green by simply being pregnant and not having to worry about this at all! :)

Darlene said...

I have heard of these but never tried it cause I couldn't decide if it could truly work. Hmmmm now I know huh!

Yellow House said...

Bwah, ha ha. You are a brave girl!

alita said...

I agree... that was brave. Very brave, but even better was that it worked for you. Especially with a white skirt. YAY!!!

Kate said...

Wow...never heard of it. I will never need it (Thank God!), but it sounds interesting. I wonder though..does it bother you that you have to be messing with cleaning out the cup and boiling it and all of that? Sounds like a lot of work.
It's gonna take a LOT of Lady Cup usage to offset environmental damage from that blasted BP oilspill isn't it?

T.J. said...

UG! I leave the room if Champ turns on the news and the oil crisis is on because it frustrates me so :(

The cup has been a surprising breeze! I boiled it when I first got it, but now just rinse it with warm water and soap if I'm in the middle of days using it and it needs a quick clean up. Otherwise, I swab it down with alcohol, wait a bit for it to disinfect, rinse with water and then proceed. I will try to get into the habit of boiling it before the start of each month, but even as I type that, I know it ain't happening!

Erin said...

ok, this is similar to the Diva Cup...and if you read my post, you know why I don't use one. I've also heard removal can be a bloody mess (pardon the pun). you were brave to wear the white skirt, too!

I use organic tampons and mostly the ones without applicators. if they are out, cardboard it is. i wish they would stop making plastic tampons.

proud of you, but just be sure you check with your doc on this....i don't have many friends who use this method, but each one i have begged them to ask their doc to see if my doc is the loopy one. his theory makes sense---all that yucky stuff sitting up in there with nowhere to go for a while....but maybe my doc is just paranoid.

still proud of you for trying it and posting about it!



blueviolet said...

My daughter has been using it for over 2 years and LOVES it!!!! (She bought a replacement after about a year, cuz you know...she just wanted to.)

Emmy said...

I have never ever heard of one of these. Weird :) but glad it worked.

Leslie said...

when i read the title i laughed a little...right away i knew what it was. i have thought of venturing in this direction but have not been able to bring myself to as of yet. and considering i am pregnant right now i don't have to.

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

For no reason whatsoever I'm utterly disgusted. It's not like removing a tampon keeps you from seeing blood, but the idea of emptying a cup? Me thinks I'd have to train others in the house to give me some alone time in the bathroom.

T.J. said...

Oh how I love these comments! They pretty much personify every part of my thought process going in to this :)

I did check on the "safety factor" with my midwife and I got an all clear. I'll admit that the first 2 tries or so, I was all kinds of uncoordinated, but as with anything else, once I got the hang of it, it's been smooth sailing. And as for gross factor- I was fully expecting to be grossed out, but then things changed. It's actually all very scientific to me now and I have an awareness of my body that I never had before. Who would have thunk?!

Caroline (Frogmum) said...

I use one too :D I love it!! Converted to it about a year ago. My routine is simple ~ rinse in warm water and 'return' for the few days I'm using it, then simply soak in boiling water for a few hours at the end. Put away and await PMT!! Rinse off in hot water again and have ready :D
In response to Erin ~ I can't see the difference having 'yucky stuff' (which after all is sterile blood until it's out of you) on a tampon (actually in contact with 'you') or in a cup. It's actually only a few mls after-all and you don't leave it in for HOURS and HOURS and HOURs! I usually have to empty mine every 3 hours or so, roughly the same as I would a tampon! To my knowledge there have been NO reports of TSS from using these ~ and I did do my research! :D
There is a little bit of a 'messy' factor with the emptying and returning, but tbh the blood is so much more watery than it seems when using tampons and washes away so easily ~ I just have a wet-wipe (or something such like) to hand to quickly clean myself up with.

Well done TJ for broaching the subject :D

Oh ~ and PS I'm not using mine atm either...because I don't need to either!! :D

Oh 2 ~ and nice 'surprise' shoes!

Graceful said...

This is all very intriguing indeed. I had never heard of it -- takes a while for this kind of news to reach Nebraska! :) -- so I clicked over for details, I admit, I had to click on "usage" b/c I could not fathom how that thing would fit! It looks like a funnel! You go girl, way to be an early adapter! It may take me another decade...

Christy said...

Okay, I am not the most environmentally aware person :(

I HAVE considered buying these just for the sheer fact that dogs have gotten into our trash one two many times and shredded...um...products all over my front lawn. That and the whole matter of the overflowing trash can is just gross.

I have extremely heavy periods. People say this but I seriously don't leave my house the first two days. I am wondering if it would work well?

Gina F said...

I never heard of this Lady Cup before. Very interesting though! I don't have to worry about this kind of thing until 4 years from now. I have the Mirena and I LOVE it. I don't have periods. :o)


Mama Zen said...

I'm doing a little happy dance because I don't need one!

Caroline (Frogmum) said...

@ Christy ~ I have had 7 children (all naturally) and have quite heavy periods ~ I bought the second size and it works brilliantly for me! I was using XL (Super Plus tampons) and changing every 1-2 hours ~ I got seriously fed up with that! I change this every 3-4 hours which is TONNES better : (that's only twice a day and not at all at night ~ it holds everything fine). I do wear a washable sanny-pad 'just in case' but it stays clean pretty much all the time, only maybe a spot or two in the mornings occasionally ~ usually literally as I get out of bed!
I highly recommend giving it a try! :D

PS ~ for those of you who think this is 'new' thing, you are wrong! It was invented in the 1930's! ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menstrual_cup ) just as the tampon was invented in the 1960's, in the early days of convenience (along with disposable nappies) it never really caught on ~ until now!!

Caroline (Frogmum) said...

another clearer history (this is the one I use); http://www.mooncup.co.uk/about-the-mooncup/history-of-the-mooncup.html

WackyMummy said...

I might have to try this... a friend told me about it years ago, but I've never just seriously considered it. I'm much more concerned about the environment also, and the chemicals they put in pads and tampons both are concerning to me. I'll have to find a good cup, I guess. =)

T.J. said...

Thanks for the background info Caroline- as I told you before of course you would know all about this and be using one! You are my mentor, muse and always seem to have the answers I need: photography, menstrual products... anything goes :)

Caroline (Frogmum) said...

LOL ~ TJ ~ you flatter me!! I'm not all that really, I just LOVE the internet!! :D

Jenilee said...

ok - just seeing this post. I actually looked into this a while ago but wasn't sure if I could do it or not. I might have to check into it again!

The Mommy said...

um, very intrigued. Didn't believe those things worked very well. But, hey! atleast your sure they are free of harmful chemicals, right? but, I'm getting interested:)

How much did it cost? Is it reusable?

laney said...

interesting...I never heard of it before.
I'm not sure if I could even get myself to do it. :)

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