July 20, 2010


I won’t lie to you- life lately is a runaway horse and I’m desperately trying to hold on to the reins. 
Not that this is a bad thing.  It’s just wildly different from what I am used to.

Most days I like this new version.

Other days I don’t: I squirm and cringe at the adjustment.

Yesterday though was a “none of the above” kind of day.  And these kind of rarities are ones that stop me in my tracks...

You know those Putumayo CDs?  Well I’m a sucker for them, so when I recently discovered one at a yard sale, I was all about waving my lucky quarter around and scoffing that treasure right up.  


Calypso music.  Perfect for a little summertime fun, I thought.

Know another type of music I like?  Joss Stone.


The girl rocks and she just OOZES girl power.  I’ve liked her for quite a while now, but I’ve never bought any of her CDs (why?!).  This caused a problem recently when I wanted to use one of her songs in our Girls On The Run slideshow.  

In the end, I bought the song I needed from an I-Tune kind of place online.  Problem solved.  Well, kind of.

I just find

Joss 1 
Joss Stone

so darn inspirational

Joss 3

that I added a "need to purchase her CDs!" to my constant running list of things I should be on the look out for (do you have one of those?  Please say I’m not the only one!).

Yesterday I was driving with Bear, struggling to stay in a positive mood.  I was tired, overwhelmed and frankly PISSED at my current situation (which is wildly outlandish, but I was seriously in a bad bad mood).

Joss Stone was the furthest thing from my mind...

JOss Stone

I had cracked my Calypso case open for it's maiden voyage, but I did not find West Indian music- 

I found Joss Stone.  Say what?
How did she get in there?

I then proceeded to bawl my eyes out: 

In embarrassment of how selfish my thoughts were, in a release of all the pressure I’ve been feeling of late and in celebration and sweet praise of 
that God is in the details.  He’s always rooting for me, always there to hold me up and always outsmarting me with a perfect way to snap me out of a funk. 

Who knows better how to handle a moody TJ than He?

The very same God who probably found humor in the fact that Calypso is a Greek name which originally meant "I will conceal" or "I will cover (with a veil.)".

You got me good God and I love you for it.


Colleen said...

That's incredible! How cool!

I'm sorry that things are crazy for you right now, but I know that life is full of seasons and this one will pass soon enough.

Now I'm off to find some Joss Stone to listen to, because while I've always liked her music, I've never bought any. (Why?!)

Kate said...

**goose bumps**that was a good one. God gotcha! I will secretly tell you I have been very inspired lately by a song....it's really cheesy, the artist is cheesy (not cool like Joss Stone) but the lyrics just speak to me. Don't make fun now.....it's THE CLIMB by....that's right....Miley Cyrus.sorry. It helps me remember to stay in the moment and savor the struggle. Your nerdy, blog friend, Kate

Leslie said...

what an amazing surprise gift!!! that is so cool. i hope things get more normal for you.

The Keierleber Characters said...

I think I like the small miracles most of all. Really shows us God is there! :) Sorry things are crazy for you right now! :/

Thanks for your comments and for sharing in our grief. :) It is such a blessing to be connected over the blogs. :)

Speaking of being "blog friends," when are you going to Boston again? I think you were going in August? Well, we JUST MIGHT cross paths when we are there. Who knows! lol we can meet for dinner or at the Sox game- depending on when y'all will be there. We are going for our "mourningmoon." Anyway, just remembered you mentioned you were going and thought it just might work out.

here is my email- triciakeierleber@ymail.com

let me know when y'all are going and I'll let you know our dates as well. :) wouldn't it be wild, (and a total God thing), if we have tix to the same game! lol

blueviolet said...

God was there in that moment talking to you!

Emmy said...

That is truly one of those tender mercy moments. And yes I bet he did have a bit of a chuckle over that

Erin said...

i'm bawling.

and with that, i'm adding joss stone to my iPod (which is pathetic b/c it's mostly 80s & 90s music plus kiddie music). i desperately need some grown up stuff. tell me what else i should add that's on your list....


WackyMummy said...

Such a nice surprise! I love those kind. Even more than the "Hey, I found a 20 in my old coat pocket!"

Yellow House said...

Music makes everything better. I've been commuting solo this week and have been blasting the radio as loud as I can.

Thanks for your visits this week! I miss having you around, but know how crazy things can be. :) xxo

Jennifer Campbell said...

Wow!!! That is so amazing! I love that you taught us all something too with this post... I now know what Calypso means... I am going to go look up Josh Stone now... hope things get easier!

Kate said...

See? It was meant to be. Excellent post.

Hey--we'll be in your neck of the woods this weekend. Well, Vermont, at least. Perhaps we will run into you guys at a farmer's market. :-)

Alita- Da Mainiacs said...

This to shall pass. This too shall be in the past. This too shall pass... My mantra. I've got so many flippin balls up in the air right now. Some that I can control and some that I can't. I understand this post. Life is everchanging.

Have I told ya I missed your writing? Not trying to make you feel guilty chica... Just letting you know that you have been missed. LOL! We all need a bloggy break though. It is our choice when we get to step away, because it is one of those balls we can control. Know what I mean.

HUGS!!! (I heart Joss Stone, too)

Pam said...

Thanks for sharing a fun moment!

Graceful said...

I hear you sister, my life is a run-away train, too. On most days. Try to take a bit of a breather, even for just a few minutes. Tonight Noah and I went for a short little bike ride -- not far...I'm sick, so we couldn't go too far 'cause I have no energy. But it was lovely to ride slowly and actually look, really look, at God's beautiful creation all around.

Now...I'm not a music girl at all...must look into this Calypso and Joss Stone!

Julie said...

Those moments have been happening to me frequently these days. Nice to know He is there in the midst of the chaos. Sometimes we need the reminder, and he always seems to know how to do it. :)

Jennifer said...

So nice! Around every corner, xoxox

Joss Stone is fab. She also acts. On The Tudors - a Showtime show about Henry the VIII, she plays Anne of Cleves with strength and elegance.

Miss Welcome said...

An incredible post! How did God get that cd in there?

I am not sure that I've been following you because I don't get any updates from your blog, and my Christian blog doesn't notify me when I get comments on my blog, so I have been out of touch for awhile in la-la land. But I'm going to make sure I am following you just now.

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