July 07, 2010


You know what?

I am here today complete of guilt or regret for not being around these past few days (and days!).

In fact, I am probably going to drop away again by tomorrow as we are in the season of  constant company (along with the usual work and activities).  I adore it (really, I mean it.  I love visitors!), it most certainly means my time must be prioritized…

It’s kind of a liberating feeling to throw my blogging routine to the wind.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you should try it!  So no guilt, no worries and most certainly, nothing’s wrong.  I’m just not blogging or visiting blogs right now. 

Love to you all!!

I plan on being back in action…eventually, but for the time being, I’ll enjoy this brief moment in bloggy land. 
A few updates?  Sure (complete without edited photos)!


Bear turns 2 this Thursday- YIKES!

We picked and processed 50 (yes 50) pounds of strawberries.


We traded in our wonderful, but on it’s last leg Subaru Forester for a used VW rabbit.  We’re quite the scene now: I have a red Golf and Champ has a grey Rabbit.


We had friends and family floating in and out over the Fourth of July.


Our town held it’s first annual Fourth of July Tractor Parade.  Bear and his buddies thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.
‘til next time!  XOXOXO


blueviolet said...

I'm just glad you're happy and having fun! But know that you're missed!

Mrs. Bird said...

Glad to see you're doing well :) I miss you!

Colleen said...

I'm glad you checked in and let us know that you are out there having a wonderful summer. I'm kind of jealous of the 50lbs of strawberries! Yum!

Like you, I've been pretty busy with summer activities. Leslie has come to visit for a couple of weeks, so we've been keeping the kids and ourselves entertained. It's been lots of fun, but blogging has definitely fallen by the wayside. My last post was one that I had done up a couple of weeks ago and forgot about, so it was kind of a nice bonus post for me. :)

Have a wonderful summer, but do check in from time to time, just so we can say hi.

Emmy said...

That is a lot of strawberries! Glad all is well and you enjoying life.

Jenilee said...

glad you are doing welll and having a great summer! missed reading your blog but I've been a bit non-existant for long periods of time too! :) I understand. :)

Jennifer Campbell said...

So funny, I was just thinking... I haven't heard from TJ in awhile... Happy 4th. Please, give Bear a huge hug from me and wish him a very happy birthday! I cannot believe he will be 2 tomorrow!!! Wow!

Pam said...

Glad your 4th of July was fun. We missed you and VT! Imagine my surprised when I went back to work and found a gift waiting for me. You are too sweet. Birthday wishes to the "little man". Hope to be in your area in August! Love ya!
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Sarah @ Hippie Mommie said...

Happy birthday, little Bear! Or BIG Bear, I should say!!! :)

Glad to know you're doing well!

Left you an award on my blog today!

laney said...

I'm glad everything is ok...I would pop in to see if I missed anything, but no updates. Kinda bummed b/c your posts make me laugh, but completely understand. Summer is a busy time of year...enjoy it and have fun!

Mama Zen said...

Happy Birthday, Bear!

Erin said...

I miss you of course, but I know you're having tons of fun!

What did you do w/ the strawberries? Jam? you have to tell me how!

Erin said...

p.s. happy birthday to your little man!!! awesome!

mimilovesall8 said...

Yum the strawberries look good! Your little boy is adorable!!!
I just started blogging and reviewing and I need followers badly. I followed you and hope you will visit my blog and enter my giveaways and follow me to!

Jingle said...

the strawberries look so very cool!

Jingle said...


6 awards,
please feel free to take any of them

ignore if you dislike them.

Nap Mom said...

No worries... I'm finally catching up on blogging myself... well... soon.

I caught up on your activities. That sure was a lot of strawberries. My goodness. Oh, and Happy belated bday to little Bear. :-)

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