October 27, 2010

cayenne coated window

A few mornings ago I looked out my kitchen window 

(here, now you can look through the window too)

to see this


a bunch of little flying friends taking advantage of my sunflowers going to seed.  The same sunflowers that were hovering over the corn I was about to process in this post.  To see these birds,  I had to look beyond the rain speckling my view and the sprinkling of cayenne pepper on the screen to keep the squirrels out (wait, I didn’t tell you about the squirrel(s?) that came in the window last month?  Oh well, you’re too late).  

I had woken up in a bad mood.  Heck it had been a bad week.  I was not feeling the whole "look on the bright side" vibe, but there I was gazing out the cloudy window, seeing the most obvious analogy through to the other, clear side.

So I decided we should go apple harvesting.  I mean that would cheer anyone up, right?  Never mind the fact that just weeks ago I had been up to my armpits in apples!!!!

Off on our adventure to Scott Farm we went.  Have you ever seen “Cider House Rules”?  It was filmed there because yeah, it’s that stunningly GORGEOUS!!!  I climbed around among crates and crates of heirloom apples with the most beautiful textures, smells, names and tastes.  My mood was softening into something more manageable with every cidery wiff. 

(this doesn’t do justice to the 1.5 bushels of apples and 1/2 bushel of pears we came home with)

The apples we brought home were stunning.  Some were rippled and others had pink flesh


some were so tiny that I couldn’t even photograph them without them becoming blurry 

and some tasted like a sweet, tart glass of lemonade.  ALL of them were considered "seconds" by the farm although I struggled to find a blemish on any of them and felt almost guilty to pay a discounted rate.

We had (and still have) so many apples that I announced we would be having an apple fest that night.   

The menu:
steak with apple barbecue sauce
veggie burgers made with rice and apple chunks
quinoa with sautéd cranberries, pine nuts and apple
and for the finale...
apple pie made by Bear


He worked so hard on it and I tried just as hard to stand back and watch it happen only giving guidance here and there.  He mushed the dough up onto the sides and patted it over the apples.  He also probably ate about a cup of raw dough during the whole thing.  So be it though, because in the end...


I went to bed that night with a belly full of apples and a better balanced mind (also, a slight mess in the kitchen). 

I'm not about to tell you that every time I look out my cayenne coated window I look on the bright side, but for the time being, when I hear the chickadees chirping away on the sunflowers or smell the autumn apples in their basket, I try to remind myself that Life can only be what I make of it- sweet as apple pie or otherwise.
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