November 05, 2010

black bean soup in the crock pot!

black bean soup

I was at a very unique yard sale last month.  A restaurant was going out of business and  selling off everything I mean everything. 

I, of course, went straight for the food items and found can upon can and jar upon jar of varied foodstuffs: lemon juice, salsa, Worcestershire sauce, a huge box of breadcrumbs and beans.  Lots of cans of beans.  I ended up buying (among other things) a 6lb. can of black beans- hence this post because honestly, even in a bean eating family, what does one DO with 6lbs of beans?!  

While this soup barely put a dent in my surplus bean supply (I froze a bunch), it did turn out perfectly balanced with spice and warming to all of our bellies.  This was a welcomed thing as it seems to currently be raining NON STOP here in New England and our damp, discouraged bones needed a pick-me-up.

Black Bean Soup (inspired by a bucket o’beans and invented by TJ)

3C cooked black beans             

                    4C veggie stock  
                                     drizzle olive oil   

                                                        1t oregano   

                                                              1/2t cumin 
                              1/2t red pepper flakes    

                                           2 minced garlic cloves  

                                  *1/2t chopped hot peppers   


                    1 small can of tomato paste   

2 chopped onions

*I have a bag of pre chopped hot peppers in my freezer which I dip into for purposes like this.  It’s a hodgepodge mix of red hots, jalapeños, habaneras and some others I have no idea the names of!*

Heat the olive oil in a pan and sauté garlic and onion until golden and tender.  Dump onions, garlic and all remaining ingredients into a crock pot.  Add at least a cup of water to the mixture and stir.  Add more water if you will be away longer than 9 hours or if you like your soup thinner.

Turn crock pot to low and head off to complete your day.  Return by supper time (6-9 hours) and dig in!  I used my hand immersion blender to smooth the soup out a bit (I had only roughly chopped the onions and thrown the garlic cloves in whole) and then I added in even more beans (if you were me, you know you would have done the same.)

We ate it with what my house now refers to as “Magic Bread”.  I have a constant bowl of bread dough in my refrigerator and pull from it for a quick, easy bread whenever needed.

The bread is WONDERFUL!  I picked up this tip from Ivory Hut who was trying out some “Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day” recipes.  Notice there’s no picture of the bread with the soup.  I pulled that particular loaf out of the oven and it was like Siafu ants on a carb loading campaign. 

Trust me on this one though and whip up some cozy soup and bread for the autumn weekend ahead!

*my "no comment box" experiment is going well.  I miss checking in with everyone, but I will say that resetting my priorities has alleviated some of the "crunch" I was feeling.  Love to you all!*

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